1 can of coconut milk, 5 dinner ideas

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1 can of coconut milk, 5 dinner ideas

Along with tomatoes, beans and chickpeas, canned coconut milk is likely something you’ve got lurking in the back of the cupboard. And if you thought you could only make a curry with it, you thought wrong. Here are 5 dinner ideas using a can of coconut milk.

Poached chicken in Asian coconut broth

The best thing about this recipe is its versatility. Once you’ve nailed the coconut broth base, you can play around with the add-ons. Swap the chicken for leafy greens and broccoli to make this veggie-friendly, or use white fish or prawns.

Get the recipe for poached chicken in Asian broth here.

Potato-and-coconut soup

This aromatic take on a leek-and-potato soup is a delicious way to transition into cooler weather.

Get the recipe for potato-and-coconut soup here.

30-minute Massaman dhal curry

This wouldn’t be a coconut milk recipe round-up without including a curry, and this cheat’s version comes together in no time at all.
30 minute massaman dhal curryGet the recipe for 30-minute Massaman dhal curry here.

Meatballs with peanut satay sauce

A satay sauce is an obvious choice for using coconut milk, and the addition of meatballs is a nice change from chicken. Serve with rice on the side if you like.
Meatballs with peanut satay sauceGet the recipe for meatballs with peanut satay sauce here.

Spicy steak kebab tacos with pickled pineapple

If you’re looking to switch up your steak routine, this is the recipe for you. The tropical flavours work brilliantly with the smoky meat. If you can’t be bothered to make your own kebabs, you could grill the steaks whole and slice them to stuff into the taco shells.
Get the recipe for spicy steak kebab tacos with pickled pineapple here.

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