10 comforting vegetarian mains for winter

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10 comforting vegetarian mains for winter

Vegetarians, this one is for you. We’ve rounded up some of the most comforting and hearty vegetarian mains, perfect to stave off that winter chill. Your meat-eating counterparts are even going to want a bite, we promise.

Sunshine dhal with coconut and cauliflower

Lentils truly are the vegetarian MVP, and dhal will always warm you up from the inside out. This one scores double points for sneaking in extra cauliflower.
Get the recipe for sunshine dhal with coconut and coriander here.

One-pot chickpea-and-tomato pasta

A great pantry-based dinner, this pasta is quick-cooking and deeply satisfying.
Get the recipe for one-pot chickpea-and-tomato pasta here.

Lentil-and-butternut cottage pie

Is there a better dish to make in the depths of winter than cottage pie? This veggie version will also freeze well, so you can double up for future dinners.
Get the recipe for lentil-and-butternut cottage pie here.

Roast cauliflower lasagne

Dare we say this cauliflower lasagne might even rival the classic meaty version?
roast cauliflower lasagneGet the recipe for roast cauliflower lasagne here.

Bean curry

Beans are another great hard-working pantry item for vegetarians, and this curry shows them off perfectly. Serve alongside fluffy rice and naan breads, and roll leftovers into a wrap for a warming winter lunch.
Get the recipe for bean curry here.

Gnocchi with Romesco sauce and grated hazelnuts

When it comes to vegetarian gnocchi dishes, pesto is the commonly used sauce. And while we love a good pesto, this Romesco option feels a little more winter-appropriate.
Get the recipe for gnocchi with Romesco sauce here.

Savoury oats with creamy leeks, mushrooms and Parmesan

This is peak cosiness. Don’t let the addition of oats put you off, consider them something of an alternative grain.
Savoury oats with creamy leeks, mushrooms and Parmesan recipeGet the recipe for savoury oats with creamy leeks, mushrooms and Parmesan here.

Creamy pumpkin risotto

Risottos are constantly doing the most for vegetarians, and this pumpkin version is one of our favourites.
creamy pumpkin risottoGet the recipe for creamy pumpkin risotto here.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Vegetarian or not, melanzane is a proven crowd-pleaser and perfect for a chilly evening.
Get the recipe for melanzane alla Parmigiana here.

Twice-baked cheese soufflés

Are these an excuse to cheese for dinner? Yes, they are. But if you serve them alongside a punchy winter salad and fresh bread, you’ve got yourself a fancy little supper set-up.
Get the recipe for twice-baked cheese soufflés here.

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