10 epic Christmas potato recipes – from roasties to bakes

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10 epic Christmas potato recipes – from roasties to bakes

For your festive menu, a large roast like gammon, turkey or lamb is always a given but what about the sides? Crowned the king of sides, potatoes can be just as exciting as the main. Golden, crispy and fluffy on the inside, here are 10 ways to jazz up potatoes this festive season.

Roast potatoes are undoubtedly everyone’s favourite side. Potatoes are affordable, making them the perfect veg for any home cook who wants to experiment in the kitchen – perhaps that’s why there are so many ways to enjoy the humble potato. From the tried-and-tested duck-fat roast to the viral sensation 1000-layer potatoes, this is how to make potatoes that may rival your big roast, this festive season.

1. Roast potatoes with caramelised onion butter

Sure, you can roast with butter, but why not level things up with compound butter? This recipe uses a mix of potatoes to add layers of different flavour profiles and textures, all roasted in a caramelised onion butter you’ll want to slather onto everything! This is the perfect recipe if you want a change from traditional roast potatoes.

Roast potatoes with caramelised onion butterGet the recipe for roast potatoes with caramelised onion butter here. 

2. The crispiest-ever roast potatoes

Oven-frying is a brilliant way to get crispy, golden potatoes that remain soft and fluffy on the side. The trick is to simmer the potatoes in water on the stovetop before adding them to a roasting tray of piping hot oil and roasting to golden perfection.

the crispiest ever roast potatoes

Get the recipe for the crispiest-ever roast potatoes here.

3. The ultimate duck-fat roast potatoes

Arguably the most famous of roast potatoes. When cooked with duck fat, potatoes take on a seriously rich flavour. We suggest using Apache potatoes for the best results. These have a creamy centre and super-crispy exterior. Get the recipe for the ultimate duck-fat roast potatoes here. 

4. Doubled-cooked smashed potatoes

Move over mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes are where it’s at! If chips and baked potatoes had a baby, this recipe would be it! When smashed, all the jagged edges crisp up in the oven while the inside stays tender. Finish off with dollops of labneh to add some creamy tanginess to the dish. Get the recipe for doubled-cooked smashed potatoes here.

5. Fondant potatoes

If you’ve never had fondant potatoes, we regret to inform you that you’ve been missing out – big time! Large cylinders of potatoes are cooked in chicken broth and butter and roasted to perfection in the oven. Don’t let the fancy name fool you, this recipe is dead easy. Fondant potatoesGet the recipe for fondant potatoes here. 

6. Salt-baked potatoes with harissa butter

If you’ve never had salt-baked vegetables before, now’s the time to start. Encasing the veggies in salt and roasting them in the oven keeps them moist and tender on the inside, while they’re slowly being seasoned from the outside. Another benefit of salt-baking is the lack of oil – if the rest of your menu is rich, this may be the roast potato side to go for. salt baked potatoes with harissa butterGet the recipe for salt-baked potatoes with harissa butter

7. Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are easily identifiable by the thin slashes across the width of the potatoes. When roasted, they crisp up on the top. Use a sharp knife and two wooden spoons or chopsticks to get the look. Get the recipe for hasselback potatoes here. 

8. Abi’s ultimate potato bake

Thinly sliced potatoes are cooked in cream and butter and baked with a layer of cheese on top. This is the most indulgent recipe on this list. Get the recipe for Abi’s ultimate potato bake here. 

9. Crispy balsamic sage potatoes

Herby, crispy and slightly sweet, this recipe is a new way to enjoy roast potatoes. Sage is an underrated herb that pairs wonderfully with potatoes. Rather than adding acidity, the balsamic vinegar caramelises when tossed with the potatoes before they’re roasted. This lends a slightly sweet flavour to salty duck-fat roast potatoes. Crispy balsamic sage potatoes recipeGet the recipe for crispy balsamic sage potatoes here. 

10. 1000-layer potatoes

We’ve all heard the saying “good food takes time”. This recipe puts that to the test. But time is what gives this recipe layers of flavour. Butter and cream add richness while the romesco sauce adds a punchy kick and breaks the richness of the dish. For best results, start a day early. 1000 layer potatoesGet the recipe for 1000-layer potatoes here. 

Looking for more inspiration? Find more potato recipes here. 

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