10 Mexican-inspired products you have to try out right now

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10 Mexican-inspired products you have to try out right now

If you, like us, love a bit of spice in your food, then you have to try out Woolies’ new Mexican pantry range. Packed with flavour and SO handy to have around, it’s no wonder the TASTE team has a variety on standby in their pantries.


We love a bit of spice at TASTE, so we’re BIG fans of the wide range of Mexican-inspired ingredients and products available at Woolworths. And because we’ve tried most of them, a couple of members of the TASTE team have rounded up their favourite picks for you to try out as soon as possible. Happy cooking!

Liesl Nicholson, group managing editor

“I love the refried beans, and I’m also a HUGE fan of the enchilada sauce and the Mexican-style cornbread kit.  It’s no mess, no fuss. We recently enjoyed a feast of cheesy chicken enchiladas (with the refried beans added to the mix + sauce), served with sour cream, fresh guacamole and the cornbread to mop up the resulting cheesy goodness. Flipping delicious!”


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Katharine Pope, head of digital content

“The whole chipotle chillies in adobo sauce are an absolute winner! They’re packed with flavour and add beautiful heat and complexity to any quick sauce. Our food director Abigail makes a wonderful topping for sweetcorn with chopped chipotles, butter, Parmesan and fresh coriander. We cleaned the plates on that shoot! I’m also a huge fan of refried beans – my mom used to make them from scratch for my favourite Mexican meal when I was a teenager. But I never have time to fry them once, let along refry them, so the refried beans in the can are my top tip for turning tacos, nachos or a super-cheesy enchilada into a full-on feast.”

Lamb ribbetjies with chipotle braaied sweetcornGet the recipe for lamb ribbetjies with chipotle braaied sweetcorn here.

Yvette Samaai, TASTE business manager

“Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines and my top pick would have to be the oak-smoked chilli flakes, they’re just packed with so much flavour. I also love the corn-and-coriander salsa mix; it’s so convenient and delicious. I use this on most dishes because it’s so yummy! These two items have become a staple in my pantry.”

Annzra Naidoo, online editor

“I’ve got my eye on the sliced jalapeños in smoked-flavoured brine. It seems like the perfect way to add some spice to virtually anything – from a bit of kick to a shakshuka to adding some oomph to my avo toast.”

Jeanne Calitz, commercial projects editor

“If you don’t have the chilli-and-lime salt in your spice rack yet, get it immediately. Don’t walk, run! This genius spice blend is just so versatile – I use it to make a fantastic green shakshuka, liberally sprinkle it over crumbed hake to make instant fish tacos, shake some over guacamole and add it to my olive oil-fried egg for lunch. The secret ingredient is, I think, the dried mint – it adds a wonderful freshness to all that lovely spicy tanginess.”


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Jess Spiro, digital content producer

“I am a committed fan of the nacho chips and mild salsa (often eaten straight out of the jar!). This combination has also become my last-minute saviour when I’m en route to a braai and don’t want to arrive empty-handed. If I’m feeling inspired, I’ll make a chunky guacamole (or even just mashed avo with some lemon juice) to serve alongside it.”

Don’t forget the Churros!



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Keen to try cook up some Mexican-inspired cuisine? Shop the Mexican pantry selection at Woolworths here  

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