10 most popular recipes in April 2023

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10 most popular recipes in April 2023

April is such a great month for food. There were family gatherings for Easter, Eid and Pesach and even if you aren’t religious there was still a long weekend to enjoy. So what food did you make in this eventful month? We saw a nice mix of desserts, sides and mains. Plus there were a lot of family recipes that popped up, nothing like nostalgia to make a meal feel extra special! This is what you were cooking in April.

10. Rainbow mosaic jelly

One of our most-read posts last month was 7 irresistible recipes for Eid al-Fitr. This post showcased recipes shared by food photographer and frequent TASTE collaborator Sadiqah Assur-Ismail, who invited us into her home to show how her family celebrates Eid. Her swoon-worthy rainbow mosaic jelly definitely got you excited as this recipe shot up to the top 10 even though it was shared towards the end of the month, giving it less time to gain fans.

Rainbow mosaic jelly

Find the recipe for rainbow mosaic jelly here.

9. Potato bread

Rainbow mosaic jelly was not the only recipe from Sadiqah that you loved. Her potato bread also got a lot of attention, and we get it. Two of the world’s most loved carbs combined to create a fluffy, versatile side definitely says celebration.

Potato bread

Find the recipe for potato bread here.

8. Lamb potjie

Lamb is definitely your favourite celebratory main. We know because you told us on our Instagram stories! And since we’re such good listeners, we sent a lamb promo mailer that had 6 lamb recipes just for you. Of all the recipes shared, Khanya Mzongwana’s lamb potjie was the most clicked-on recipe. Perhaps there’s something about a potjie that South Africans can’t resist, or maybe loadshedding forced your hand to make a main on the fire. Whatever the reason, we’re sure this one hit the spot!

Lamb potjie

Find the recipe for lamb potjie here.

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7. Gran’s classic cottage pie

After the Easter long weekend, we thought that you’d be looking for more budget-friendly recipes to feed the family. Mince is one of the budget MVPs, so we shared our mince recipe collection to give you some inspo. You gravitated towards Abigail Donnelly’s cottage pie recipe, which she passed down from her gran. We get it, nothing beats food made by grandma.

Find the recipe for Gran’s classic cottage pie here.

6. 4-ingredient chocolate truffles

In the last week of her online baking course, Khanya Mzongwana’s shared her recipe for these indulgent chocolate truffles that are perfect for Easter. With 15 minutes prep time and just four ingredients, they’re a hit no matter what time of year it is.

4-ingredient chocolate truffles

Find the recipe for 4-ingredient chocolate truffles here.

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5. Cariema Isaacs’s Instant Pot biryani

You had us at “Instant Pot biryani”! Seriously, there was no way this incredible recipe by renowned chef Cariema Isaacs was not going to make this list. The recipe is an extract from Cariema’s new cookbook Modern Cape Malay Cooking. The best part? No overnight marinating! Such a win!

Instant Pot Biryani

Find the recipe for Cariema Isaacs’s Instant Pot Biryani here.

4. Perfect beef lasagne

Here’s another recipe from our mince recipe collection that got a lot of love – and it’s also a family recipe. Hannah Lewry shared her dad’s recipe for lasagne, which honours the dish’s Italian origins. This is important to Hannah because, as she says, “lasagne is one of the best food gifts Italy has ever given the world!”

Find the recipe for the perfect beef lasagne here.

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3. No-bake cheesecake

Whether it’s a special occasion or not, cheesecake is always a good idea! This recipe by Abigail Donnelly takes 15 minutes to prep and is just so Insta-worthy that people may not believe it’s home-made! Plus, we love a loadshedding dessert you can make even when there’s no power.

Find the recipe for no-bake cheesecake here. 

2. Kerrievis (pickled fish)

We told you in last month’s top 10 post that pickled fish always peaks over this time of year. So it’s no surprise to see Michael Olivier’s version rank so high on this list. One of our most popular posts in April was 4 unexpected pickled fish recipes – so there is no doubt that this humble dish dominated.

Full disclosure, the home-made Cape Malay-style pickled fish recipe that was number 1 on last month’s list also ranked very high in the top recipes (one above the kerrievis recipe), but we wanted to give some variety in this list so we’re lumping it in here. Plus, there’s a recipe that outperformed pickled fish!

Kerrievis (pickled fish)

Find the recipe for Kerrievis (pickled fish) here.

1. 4-ingredient chocolate mousse

Chocolate and nostalgia – what more could you want? Abigail Donnelly shared her food memories of this chocolate mousse that her mom made at dinner parties, making it an extra special recipe. Plus, it’s super-easy to make and we were delighted to see your versions of this dessert on social media!

4-ingredient chocolate mousse

Find the recipe for 4-ingredient chocolate mousse here. 

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