10 most popular recipes in September 2023

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10 most popular recipes in September 2023

September 2023 was a special one. It’s the start of spring, and Heritage month in South Africa, plus the Rugby World Cup kicked off in France. This gave us plenty of reason’s to cook exceptional dishes! From nostalgic local faves and lekker sweet treats here the your favourite recipes of the month.

10. Gochujang brown rice stir-fry

Quick, easy and bursting with flavour, this gochujang brown rice stir-fry by Abigail Donnelly is a top-tier midweek meal. Plus, it needs just seven ingredients to make. Double win!

Gochujang brown rice stir-fry

Find the recipe for gochujang brown rice stir-fry here.

9. Fatima Sydow’s milk tart

To celebrate our collective South African heritage, we posted a round-up of eight proudly South African desserts and, of course, milk tart made the cut. This recipe is by Fatima Sydow, who loves making it for traditional gatherings, Gadat (prayer evenings), or as a Sunday treat.

Fatima Sydow milk tart

Find the recipe for Fatima Sydow’s milk tart here.

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8. Individual malva puddings

The second classic South African dessert to make the list is malva pudding. According to several people on our team, Hannah Lewry has developed the ultimate malva recipe. It’s always luscious, sticky, syrupy and never dry. You can make individual puddings as she does or make a big one to share.

Individual malva puddings recipe

Find the recipe for individual malva puddings here.

FAN OF MALVA? Check our recipe collection.

7. Melkkos

Another South African classic recipe that you loved in September is great for when you’re craving a sweet treat, but you’re on a budget. This melkkos recipe is a basic, smooth version made with a whisk, but you can make it with more texture if you prefer. The dish comes together in just 25 minutes, so up can easily whip it up when the craving hits.

Melkkos recipe

Find the recipe for Melkkos here.

6. Umqombothi (African beer)

Cheers to heritage month! Many of you checked out this recipe for umqombothi by the incredible food icon Dorah Sitole. This recipe is an extract from her book 40 Years of Iconic Food. You need just 4 ingredients and some patience to make your brew.


Find the recipe for umqombothi (African beer) here.

Find more South African recipes here. 

5. Abi’s ultimate boerie rolls 2 ways

Whether you were lus for a braai or wanted something lekker to eat while watching the Bokke in action during the Rugby World Cup, your top choice was Abigail’s ultimate boerie rolls. The options are monkeygland or a Mexican-inspired one – both are equally epic!

Find the recipe for Abi’s ultimate boerie rolls 2 ways here.

4. Tuna pasta bake

Our Wlist™ Great Value hub continues to inspire readers with great dinner recipes that come in under R50 per serving! In September we shared this easy tuna pasta bake by Clement Pedro that uses a budget-saving tip to making white sauce: swapping butter for canola oil. Comments on social media showed how much you love this recipe. They include: “Wow!! Thank you for this budget trick, I have so much tuna in the cupboard but keep passing it when looking for something nice to prepare. 🔥”. “Have to test the oil substitute on my white sauce… Interesting”

Find the recipe for tuna pasta bake here. 

Check out the Wlist™ Great Value hub here.

3. Classic Cremora tart

Another proudly South African dessert makes an appearance. This time it’s Bianca Strydom‘s classic Cremora tart. Not only is this a classic dessert, but it’s also a fridge tart – so it’s pretty loadshedding friendly. Plus, you need just six ingredients to make it!

Classic Cremora tart

Find the recipe for Classic Cremora tart here.

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2. Peppermint Crisp tart

Sam Woulidge’s Peppermint Crisp tart is the last recipe from the SA dessert post to make this list and is arguably one of our most popular recipes. Whenever we post it on social media the response is overwhelmingly positive. Nostalgic, delicious and easy to make, this recipe will always be a winner.

Peppermint Crisp tart recipe

Find the recipe for Peppermint Crisp tart here.

1. Extra-cheesy mac n cheese

The only thing better than mac n cheese is an extra-cheesy version! You seem to agree since Jacqueline Burgess’s recipe for extra-cheesy mac n cheese nabbed the top spot. The best part of this recipe is that you can use your favourite mix of cheese to make the perfect version you love.

Find the recipe for extra-cheesy mac n cheese here.

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