10 savoury and sweet treats to gift for Iftar

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10 savoury and sweet treats to gift for Iftar

Whether you’re hosting or visiting loved ones for Iftar, sweet and savoury treats are always welcome. We’ve rounded up 10 treats that you can gift to loved ones during the holy month of Ramadan.

During the month of Ramadan, neighbours, friends and family traditionally drop off plates filled with home-made sweet or savoury treats for their loved ones to enjoy while they break fast. Here’s our list of recipes that’ll be a great addition to your perfect Iftar table.

1. Spiced dates

These stuffed dates are so easy to make and add a special touch to your Iftar table. We suggest Medjool dates as they are much bigger than other varieties, which makes them the best choice for stuffing. They also have a toffee-like flavour that pairs well with chocolate.

Spiced datesGet the recipe for spiced dates here.

2. Potato samoosas with green chutney

Samoosas are an excellent choice because they can be made in advance and stored in the freezer. Thaw and fry when it’s time to serve so they’re hot and crispy! This recipe features a spiced potato filling, punchy coriander and chilli chutney for dipping.

Get the recipe for potato samoosas with green chutney here.

3. Rachmah’s chicken pies

This year, Ramadan takes place during a seasonal transition period. For the cooler days, these mini pies are the comfort meal your loved ones will appreciate. They’ll come in handy for people with busy schedules who do not have time to cook something hearty (which usually takes a bit of time). As far as considerate gifts go, these pies take the win.

Get the recipe for Rachmah’s chicken pies here. 

4. Easy baklava roll-ups

Traditionally, baklava consists of layers of phyllo pastry and nuts in a baking tray. Once baked, the dessert is sliced into diamond-shaped pieces and soaked in syrup. This recipe uses the same flavours, but the baklava is served as mini rolled phyllo cigars. This method makes it easier to stash them away without taking up too much space on your counter or in your fridge. We also think that rolling them individually makes them extra special.  Get the recipe for easy baklava roll-ups here. 

5. Triple-cheese bites

Sweet chilli sauce and cheese are a well-loved combo, but wrap them in pastry and you have a winner! Mozzarella and Cheddar yield the best cheese pull, but feel free to swap them with your favourite cheeses if you’re feeling fancy.

Get the recipe for triple-cheese bites here. 

6. Half-moons with chicken-and-cheese filling

The best thing since samoosas! These half-moons can be fried from frozen – there’s no need to thaw! This is another make-ahead, batch-cook recipe – double the quantities if you’re cooking for a larger group.

half-moons with chicken and cheese filling

Get the recipe for half-moons with chicken-and-cheese filling here. 

7. Cheat’s lamingtons and snowballs

There’s no need to make these from scratch. Save time by using store-bought Madeira loaf to make lamingtons. Slice the loaf into squares and dip into a simple chocolate syrup before decorating. Cheat’s lamingtons and snowballsGet the recipe for cheat’s lamingtons and snowballs here. 

8. Cardamom-and-thyme shortbread

Shortbread dough freezes well, so when it comes to sweet treats you can make in advance, this classic biscuit is a no-brainer. These biscuits are flavoured with cardamon and thyme and finished with rose-water icing. Get the whole family involved by asking the kids to help you in the kitchen – this recipe is that easy.  Cardamom-and-thyme shortbreadGet the recipe for cardamom-and-thyme shortbread here.

9 Spicy potato-and-cheese balls

Whoever said, “Once you pop you can’t stop” was referring to these moreish deep-fried potato balls. Like most of the dishes in this round-up, these can be frozen and cooked when needed. This is a fail-safe recipe with fantastic results.  Spicy potato-and-cheese ballsGet the recipe for spicy potato-and-cheese balls here. 

10 Masala steak pies

The most popular gatsby flavour gets the pie treatment. The savoury filling is made using tenderised steak that’s seasoned with turmeric, masala, garlic, ginger and chilli. If you’ve made more filling than you have pastry, add it to sandwiches or serve with rice with your next meal. Masala-steak-piesGet the recipe for masala steak pies here. 

Browse our collection of Ramadan and Eid recipes here. 

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