10 soup recipes you can always count on, every winter

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10 soup recipes you can always count on, every winter

One thing is always guaranteed in winter, and that’s soup. We love soup because the recipes vary from simple, hearty and basic to out-of-this-world delicious. From tomato soup to chicken soup and all your favourites in between, here’s our ultimate round-up of soups that never disappoint in flavour and comfort.

Is your soup repertoire in need of a refresh or do you just need a foolproof soup recipe? We’re dishing up steaming soups and easy broths that use up pantry regulars, seasonal produce and promise plenty of flavour.

1. Squash soup

Take butternut soup to the next level by adding Indian spices and herbs such as garam masala, turmeric and curry leaves to give this creamy soup a spicy kick. There’s minimal waste in this recipe – carrot-tops are used to make a pesto that adds a herby punch to this warming soup.

spicy squash soup with carrot top pesto

Get the recipe for spicy squash soup with carrot-top pesto here.

2. Chicken soup

If Sunday roast chicken is your favourite meal of the week, you’re going to love this soup! It’s got all the elements you love: stuffed whole chicken, carrots, potatoes, grains and herbs – all poached in a mild, fragrant chicken stock. It’s warming and comforting and doesn’t require much effort. Use our recipe as a guide, but feel free to use whatever hearty veggies you have on hand.


Get the recipe for whole-poached chicken soup here.

3. Tomato soup

This soup has a deep, rich, red colour and inviting aromas of roasted garlic, tomato and herbs. It’s fantastic that simple ingredients can transform into such a comforting bowlful. This soup is one of our favourites, we even make it during the warmer months when tomatoes are in season.

Get the recipe for roast tomato soup with Caprese toast here.

4. Lentil soup

This soup has a lot going on for it: hearty lentils and chickpeas, a lamb broth flavoured with warm spices like cumin and cloves, and lamb meatballs that remain super juicy from the broth. Cosy days will never be the same again after you make this soup.

12 ways to rethink lentils

Get the recipe for lentil soup with chickpeas and lamb meatballs here.

5. Beetroot soup

A rich, vibrant soup that’s a classic in Eastern Europe. This recipe is a one-pot wonder that can easily be doubled and frozen for days when you’re not in the mood to cook.

Get the recipe for hot pink beetroot soup with spiced yoghurt here.

6. Chowder

If you’ve never had this New England favourite, you’re missing out. Traditionally, this creamy corn-and-seafood soup is made using clams, but we’re keeping things budget-friendly with smoked haddock. The French toast is an unexpected twist on a soup dipper, but you can stick to crusty bread if you’re short on time.

Creamy haddock chowder with French toastGet the recipe for creamy haddock chowder with French toast here.

7. Mushroom soup

This recipe is ready to serve in under 30 minutes. It’s creamy and delicious without being heavy and the toasted, spicy pumpkin seeds add crunch.

Get the recipe for mushroom soup with chilli-fried pumpkin seeds here.

8. Vegetable soup

This one is great for clearing out the fridge and veggie basket. You can stick to the vegetables listed in the recipe or make thrifty swaps. Amagwinya are not optional though, who doesn’t want deep-fried, golden, dough balls to dip into their soup?

Get the recipe for veg soup with amagwinya and gremolata here.

9. Bean soup

An easy, chunky soup that’s popular in Mexico, this soup is made using shredded chicken, black beans and corn, Mexican seasoning and topped with crispy tortillas. This is definitely one to try when you’re craving Mexican food in winter.

Get the recipe for sopa Azteca here.

10. Pea soup

Creamy, vibrantly green and ready in 35 minutes. This soup is a midweek winner.

Get the recipe for baby marrow and pea soup here.

Browse more soup recipes here.

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