10 spectacular spinach recipes you have to make

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10 spectacular spinach recipes you have to make

From spinach to Swiss chard to kale and morogo, this round-up offers the best of our green recipes. Whether you’re looking for a crunchy snack or want an easy dinner to serve, read below to get inspired.

Spinach is an ingredient that’s often overlooked. We bet you’ve let a few bunches wilt in your fridge while you contemplate what to make. But there’s more to spinach than adding it to recipes when you want to bulk up your veggie intake – this leafy veg can absolutely be the star of your meals, too.

1. Creamed spinach pasta

In this recipe, creamed spinach goes from side to main. Add chopped spinach to cheesy sauce and stir through cooked pasta to make a creamy pasta dish in under 30 minutes.

Creamed spinach pastaGet the recipe for creamed spinach pasta here. 

2. Barley risotto with spinach

This take on risotto swaps arborio rice for hearty barley. It’s a budget-friendly alternative that still delivers on flavour. The addition of spinach gives it a gorgeous green colour that’ll have you dishing up seconds. Get the recipe for barley risotto with spinach here. 

3. Green vegetable soup

Batch-cooking soup is the ultimate weeknight dinnertime saver. This green vegetable soup is the best recipe to make when you’re cleaning out your fridge. Add your favourite green vegetables like peas, broccoli and the all-important spinach. This recipe comes together in 40 minutes and, when you make a big batch, you can freeze the rest for days when you want something warming but don’t have the energy to cook from scratch. green vegetable soup Get the recipe for green vegetable soup here. 

4. Saag feta

Food writer and cookbook author Priya Krishna changed the saag paneer game when she introduced us to her feta cheese version. Deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana takes inspiration from her by swapping paneer for roasted sheep’s-milk feta. Saag feta Get the recipe for saag feta here. 

5. Spanakorizo

This Greek spinach-and-rice dish with lemon and dill is delicious served hot, cold or at room temperature as the Mediterraneans do. SpanakorizoGet the recipe for spanakorizo here. 

6. Bhajias

Typically made with a basic batter of chickpea flour, spices, water and onions, influencer and food writer, Zoorah Booley’s version has the addition of spinach. Not only does the spinach lend a lovely colour to these crispy fritters, but it also adds a vegetal flavour that tempers the sharp onion flavour. Bhajias Get the recipe for bhajias here. 

7. Green samp

Some will say “never mess with a classic”, but we argue that that’s how the best dishes are made and discovered. Make a meal out of creamy samp and beans by stirring in chopped spinach and topping it with jammy caramelised onions. This is the best way to use up spinach that’s wilted or no longer fresh – save the new bag for a salad instead. Green sampGet the recipe for green samp. 

8. Kale quiche

We bet you’ve never seen a quiche this green before. If you’re looking for a recipe that’ll keep you busy on a weekend, this is it. Make a flaky, buttery pastry shell and fill it with a leek-and-kale savoury custard before baking. It’s a departure from the usual quiche Lorraine but, trust us, it’s just as good. Dark green quicheGet the recipe for kale quiche here. 

9. Morogo frittata

Morogo roughly translates to “greens” and includes a number of edible weeds and leafy green vegetables, traditionally chopped, boiled or fried and eaten alongside pap. This frittata gets its hue from finely chopped pumpkin leaves, but you could also use baby spinach or kale.

Morogo-frittataGet the recipe for morogo frittata here. 

10. The best-ever triple green creamed spinach

This recipe does not hold back on the greens: Swiss chard, kale, and spinach are added to cream to make the ultimate creamed spinach.

Get the recipe for the best-ever triple green creamed spinach here.

Looking for more spinach recipes? Browse or spinach recipe guide here. 

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