10 ultimate cheese recipes according to TASTE readers

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10 ultimate cheese recipes according to TASTE readers

In our weekly Instagram question, we asked, “what’s your favourite cheese recipe?” and the answers didn’t disappoint. From no fuss classics like mac n cheese and grilled cheese toast to baked camembert and fondue that were made for impressing guests. Here are the cheese recipes TASTE readers simply can’t get enough of.

10. Cheese fondue

Shocked that this retro fave made the list? Melted cheese and dippers will never go out of style. Travel back in time with a cheese fondue appetiser! We’ve used raclette and smoked Stanford cheese to make those Instaworthy cheese pulls. Bring this retro classic to the present by replacing the toasted bread cubes with air-fried potato tots, sweet potato churros and corn riblets.


Get the recipe for cheese fondue dippers here.

9. Nacho cheese

Nachos and cheese are an addictive pairing. This recipe uses Cheddar, but grated mozzarella is a great substitute if you can’t find Cheddar in store or just prefer another cheese. Don’t forget the spicy jalapeños, salsa and avo on the side to complete the dish.

Get the recipe for nachos with cheese sauce and jalapeños here.

8. Potato bake

TASTE reader @call_me_leee suggests “thinly sliced potatoes, butternut, mozzarella between each layer and lotsa cheese on top” as her go-to way of making potato bake.

Abi’s recipe is a foolproof recipe to have in your arsenal. Of course, you can add bacon bits, your favourite potatoes and even swap out the recommended cheese for your favourites. However, the easy steps remain the same and you’ll always have a recipe that will never flop.  Get the recipe for Abi’s ultimate potato bake here.

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7. Cauliflower cheese

Cheese can turn even the humble cauliflower into a magnificent showstopper. This bake is made with cauliflower that’s smothered in a brown butter cheese sauce made with Cheddar, Parmesan and mozzarella and baked until the cheese is golden and bubbly. Roast cauliflower with cheese sauce

Get the recipe for roast cauliflower with cheese sauce here.

6.  Cheese muffins

These savoury cheese muffins are super-easy to make and pack delicious savoury flavours thanks to the trio of Cheddar, Gouda and Royal Ashton cheese. Abi’s bacon granola is a genius spin on a breakfast favourite. These muffins can be enjoyed as an between lunch and dinner filler, or served with dinner as a savoury side.  Get the recipe for cheese-and-bacon granola muffins here.

5. Cheese platter

Why settle on one cheese when you can have them all? A cheese platter is a fantastic way to sample many cheeses, cured meats and jams without committing to large meals. You can absolutely scale things down when making a platter for one, or splurge on a few exotic cheeses if you have a few people coming over.


Not sure where to start? Follow our guide to 5 key pairings to make your cheeseboard come alive.

4. Baked Camembert

Feeling fancy? An oozing wheel of melted Camembert, toasted ciabatta and a glass of your favourite wine make an excellent combo when you want to unwind or catch up with a few friends – and plenty of you voted for it! This recipe puts a twist on baked Camembert with a sticky citrus marmalade and flaky scones. This French cheese is decadent and can sometimes have a strong flavour so the sweet addition of marmalade will balance out the flavours wonderfully.

Marmalade-baked Camembert with home-made scones recipe Get the recipe for marmalade-baked Camembert with home-made scones here.

3. Lasagne

One reader claims, “Even a bad lasagne is a good lasagne” – and we honestly cannot argue.

Want to try our favourite recipe? Abigail’s OG lasagne is easy and can be made in advance or baked right away – it comes out perfectly every time! Your family will lick their plates clean when this is on the menu. The best part about this recipe is that it’s not dry, not soupy and holds together perfectly, making it easy to slice. lasagneGet the recipe for the OG lasagne here.

2. Grilled cheese toastie

In second place, is the almighty grilled cheese sandwich.

“An oozy, gooey, toasted cheese sandwich. Those cheese strings must strrretch!” – @lily.snyman

If cheese pulls are what you’re looking for, you won’t go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich. You can stick to one type of cheese or mix it up with your favourite cheeses. This recipe also suggest drizzling maple syrup over the steaming hot sandwich for a sweet and cheesy flavour combo that’s super addictive.

Get the recipe for the ultimate toasted cheese here.

1. Mac n cheese

Unsurprisingly, mac n cheese was the top answer!

“Definitely American mac & cheese. Finally perfected the recipe with 4 types of cheese and bacon rashers!” – @lollatjie

What’s more classic than mac n cheese? This recipe contains no surprises, no complex steps or hard-to-find ingredients. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s made from scratch – once you’ve made this, you’ll never want box stuff again! This staple recipe uses a smooth béchamel sauce, which richer than the average béchamel because it uses full-cream milk and cream. The bacon bits add a salty addition to this rich dish. Bake in a large tray to feed the fam or go for individual ramekins if you don’t feel like sharing.

Get the recipe for classic extra creamy macaroni cheese with bacon here.

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