10 (wheat) flour-free baking recipes

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10 (wheat) flour-free baking recipes

Want to try your hand at baking over the long weekend but don’t have any flour? These tasty bakes use flour alternatives or no flour at all. And the added bonus is that they’re all gluten-free!

Gluten-free chocolate striped Swiss roll cake

Our April cover star is completely flour-free! The cake part is made solely of eggs, sugar, cocoa and vanilla paste. It sounds too good to be true, but we can confirm it works, in fact, it makes for a wonderfully moist cake.

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Lemon-and-coconut crusted tarts

A coconut macaroon mix of desiccated coconut, sugar and egg whites forms the base of this tangy tart.

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3-ingredient Japanese souffle cheesecakes

Cream cheese, eggs and chocolate are all you need to create these light and fluffy cheesecakes.

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Banana-and-egg flapjacks

Give the banana bread a break and try these out for size, instead. These flapjacks are made of just two ingredients: bananas and eggs. Serve with condensed milk, if you have it, or honey.
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Chickpea chocolate cookies

Make that can of chickpeas work even harder by turning them into delicious cookies with no added refined sugar.

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Sweet potato brownie loaf

Sweet potatoes and chickpea flour come together to make this wonderfully dense brownie cake.

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Vegan meringue mess cake

Use up all of that chickpea liquid you’re draining away and make this meringue cake. Bonus: no eggs required, and completely vegan.

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Steamed Indian bread

Yoghurt, chickpea flour and ENOs are the main ingredients in this steamed bread. Serve as a side for curry, or enjoy hot, with butter.

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Chocolate fridge cake

Butter, icing sugar, cocoa powder and Tennis biscuits form the basis of this recipe. The rest of the ingredients are optional! (If you came here for wheat-free recipes, swap out the Tennis biscuits for chopped nuts, or any wheat-free biscuit you can find.)

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Cheat’s almond churros

This Mexican sweet treat gets a gluten-free makeover using almond flour, plus they’re baked, not fried. We’re not saying they’re healthy, but every little bit helps, right?
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