100 best chocolate recipes of all time

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100 best chocolate recipes of all time

We bring you 100 sinfully delicious recipes starring the one thing most of us can’t resist. You guessed right: chocolate. But be warned, pure indulgence follows…


While there’s nothing better than a good-quality chocolate melting in the mouth, chocolate arguably goes best with desserts. Whether it’s a moist chocolate cake, chocolate mousse or chocolate drizzled over éclairs, there’s no going wrong with chocolate, sweetie.

1 Eclairs with chocolate custard and drizzle

2 Moist chocolate cake with coconut ganache and white chocolate cream-cheese icing

3 Gluten- and wheat-free chocolate polenta cake

4 Milk-chocolate salted caramel, pear and Camembert toasted sandwich

5 Five-ingredient chocolate mousse

6 Chocolate coins

7 Three-ingredient Japanese soufflé cheesecakes

8 Chocolate ganache ginger biscuits with berries and toasted nuts

9 Choc-nut strawberries

10 Curtis’s chocolate mousse soufflés with peppermint ganache and whipped crème fraîche

Moist chocolate cake with coconut ganache and white chocolate cream-cheese filling

11 Chocolate ice cream scoops

12 Red velvet delight

13 Chocolate pretzels

14 Caramelised pineapple with white chocolate ganache

15 Charcoal-caramelised s’mores

16 Brownies with berry sauce and crushed Oreos

17 Steamed coffee-and-chocolate puddings with truffles

18 Chocolate-and-coconut ombre stack with butterscotch sauce

19 Gluten-free chocolate brandy-and-Coke cake

20 Milk chocolate self-saucing pudding with white chocolate drops

Millionaire’s brownies

21 Cheat’s malva pudding

22 Easy white chocolate mousse

23 Double-trouble chocolate-chip cookies

24 Chocolate-and-coconut marshmallow nutty fridge cake

25 Chocolate-covered cream cheese with chocolate-dipped grapes

26 Plum chocolate tart

27 Nutty Wheat, sweet potato, orange and dark chocolate bundt cake with milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate shavings

28 Easy Belgian chocolate ice-cream cake with honeycomb shards

29 Gooey brown-sugar meringues with white chocolate mousse and coffee syrup

30 Dense white chocolate cake with buttercream roses

Eclairs with chocolate custard and drizzle

31 Chocolate mousse espresso sabayon with slow-roasted strawberries and chocolate shards

32 Milk stout-and-chocolate cake with butterscotch sauce, caramel chocolate shards and dark chocolate icing

33 Easy chocolate mousse

34 Cranberry-and-orange hot cross buns with milk chocolate drizzle

35 Bread-and-butter pudding

36 Cardamom and white chocolate cheescake on a lavender crust

37 Baked chocolate pudding

38 Fluffy banana churros with chocolate sauce

39 Eclairs with lemon custard and caramelised white chocolate

40 Chocolate-and-cardamom panna cotta with rose syrup

Chocolate ice cream scoops

41 Golden Easter eggs

42 White chocolate florentines

43 Tart au chocolat

44 Dark salted chocolate ganache

45 Toffee apples

46 Honey nougat chocolate sauce

47 Baked chocolate pudding with coconut marshmallows

48 Easy sundae

49 Chocolate, cardamom and orange cake

50 Chocolate scrolls

Chocolate lava cake with peanut butter centre
Chocolate lava cake with peanut butter centre

51 Chocolate mousse with sliced oranges

52 Chocolate truffles

53 White and dark chocolate truffle cake

54 Oversized salted chocolate-chip cookies

55 Chilli-spiced dark chocolate and beetroot cupcakes

56 Baked chocolate pâté

57 Warm chocolate beignets in cinnamon sugar

58 Peanut butter chocolate brownies

59 Coconut and white chocolate lamingtons

60 Cake pops

Chickpea chocolate cookies

61 Coffee-and-chocolate tarts

62 Strawberries with quick chocolate sauce

63 White chocolate mousse with fresh summer berries

64 Freeform chocolate tart

65 Banana cream and chocolate éclairs

66 Dark chocolate and almond shards with citrus trio

67 Guava and chocolate layer cake

68 Cheat’s white chocolate mousse

69 Pear and double chocolate molten puddings

70 Tiramisu with Kahlua and mascarpone

Gluten-free pastry tarts with nutella-style hazelnut spread

71 Rose-petal cake

72 Bitter chocolate-meringue cupcakes

73 Dense beetroot-and-chocolate cake

74 Coconut-and-almond chocolate clusters

75 White chocolate wafer and raspberry sundae

76 Candied orange-and-strawberry chocolate shards

77 Chocolate-capped ice cream platter

78 Chocolate cake with goat’s-milk yoghurt and berries

79 Bitter chocolate and raspberry tart

80 Dark chocolate praline shards with crushed sugared rose petals

Milk-chocolate salted caramel, pear and Camembert toasted sandwich

81 Lacey crêpes dressed with thick warm chocolate and crumbled fudge

82 White chocolate clotted cream with berries and early figs

83 Dense smoked chocolate and vanilla fudge cake encrusted with pink peppercorns

84 White chocolate yoghurt with fresh fig and mint

85 Glorious chocolate cupcakes

86 Fresh blueberry chocolate truffles

87 Dense chocolate-and-orange slab cake with candied orange

88 Coconut marhmallow, minty chuckles and almond rocky road hearts


Add to a glass of hot milk or a glorious affogato, and let the happy hormones reign supreme…
89 Spiced caramel hot chocolate

90 Affogato with brandy snaps, chocolate-covered hazelnut chocolate spheres and coffee syrup

Cranberry and orange hot cross buns with milk chocolate drizzle
Cranberry and orange hot cross buns with milk chocolate drizzle

91 Nirvana by chocolate

92 Vanilla-and-caramel frappe

93 Affogato with hazelnuts set in chocolate

94 Molten hot chocolate with raspberry macaroons and caramel spoons


Contrary to what you might think, chocolate ain’t just for dessert. Caviar with white vanilla chocolate anyone?
95 Heart salad with white chocolate

96 Calamari steak with caponata

97 Beluga caviar with white organic vanilla chocolate

98 Chocolate chip stokbrood

99 Dark chocolate summer salad

100 Chocolate-studded bread

Gluten-and wheat-free chocolate polenta cake
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