11 recipes to plan the best-ever Easter braai

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11 recipes to plan the best-ever Easter braai

Whether you’re cooking for the whole family or a smaller crowd, an Easter braai is always a good idea. Here are 11 of the best recipes for your Easter braai menu.

Braaied harissa-and-lemon chicken

Marinate this and make the dough for the flatbread in advance so that you can throw them onto the fire at the same time.
Braaied-harissa-and-lemon-chickenGet the recipe for braaied harissa-and-lemon chicken here.

Brinjal skewers

Whether you’ve got a veggie coming for lunch or not, these brinjal skewers will go down a treat.
Brinjal-skewersGet the recipe for brinjal skewers here.

Steak with chargrilled spring onion butter

The real MVP here is the flavoured butter, which adds a fancy flourish to braaied steak.
Get the recipe for steak with chargrilled spring onion butter here.

Blackened trout with charred beetroot and citrus

If you’ve been toying with the idea of attempting to braai a whole fish, here’s the sign to do it – it’s easier than you think and you can toss any leftovers into fish cakes the next day.
Get the recipe for blackened trout with beetroot and citrus here.

Nyama choma

It wouldn’t be Easter without lamb, and these tamarind-rubbed lamb ribs are impressively easy.
Get the recipe for nyama choma here.

Braaied sumac chicken

This serves as a reminder that spice-rubbed chicken + fire = a winning combination. If spatchcocking a chicken feels like too much work, use portions instead.

Get the recipe for braaied sumac chicken here.

Grilled broccoli steaks with white beans, red onions and anchovy butter

Sad braai salads be gone! Broccoli is given the steak treatment here and is cooked on the fire, which results in a satisfying veggie option and a side salad.
Get the recipe for grilled broccoli steaks with white beans, red onion and anchovy butter here.

Coal-roasted sweet potatoes

Is there anything better than a hot, roasted sweet potato doused with butter? We think not.
Get the recipe for coal-roasted sweet potatoes here.

Chargrilled curry-buttered mielies

The ubiquitous braai veg is often an afterthought, but the addition of a curried butter takes them to a whole new level.
Get the recipe for chargrilled curry-buttered mielies here.

Grilled stuffed onions

There are grilled onions and then there are these genius stuffed onions. Omit the bacon if you want to keep these veggie-friendly.
Get the recipe for grilled stuffed onions here.

Garlic bread three ways

Did you even have a braai if you didn’t have garlic bread? Here are three excellent versions to make at your next gathering.
Get the recipe for garlic bread three ways here.

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