12 terrific tomato dishes to warm you up this winter

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12 terrific tomato dishes to warm you up this winter

It might not be the height of tomato season, but winter is looming. And tomatoes are one of our favourite fruits with which to whip up rich, warm, hearty meals such as soups and stews.

The time has come to accept that summer’s no more and to embrace the best the chilly season has to offer us: slurping up bowls of warm, soul-soothing soups and hearty bredies. Ah, comfort food.

Few fruits beat the terrific tomato when it comes to adding flavour and texture to comforting wintry dishes including soups, stews, pastas and even toppings for pastries. And despite winter being upon us, tomatoes are delicious in all their guises: whether fresh, chopped and canned, puréed or made into a thick paste, they’re an ingredient that shouldn’t go amiss in your winter menu. Woolworths has a range of prepared tomatoes that are suitable for a plethora dishes from spicy chicken livers to beef. Plus, they’re packed with a number of health benefits.

It is said that lycopene – the chemical that gives tomatoes their red colour (also an antioxidant) – contains plenty of health benefits including helping to prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer. In fact, researchers say that tomatoes processed using heat makes it even easier for the body to process lycopene. So, best you stock up on those prepared tomatoes… Why else should you eat more tomatoes? All the better to see: the vitamin A present in tomatoes is also said to help improve eyesight. It can also aid digestion and helps to maintain blood health.

Here are 12 comforting dishes that make the most of tomatoes.

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