12 ways with tray bakes

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12 ways with tray bakes

One dish, one oven. Pop the tray in the oven and forget about it ’til later.

Veggie tray bakes

The ultimate pasta bake

Stuck with a whole lot of leftover roast butternut? Turn it into this easy, moreish supper. If you’re after a vegetarian meal, simply leave out the meatballs.
Get the ultimate pasta bake recipe here

Cauliflower and goat’s cheese frittata

Add a fresh green salad or dressed green beans on the side and you’re good to go.
Get the cauliflower and goat’s cheese frittata recipe here

Chicken tray bakes

One-pot chicken with baked dahl

The ginger, turmeric and chilli in this easy, comforting supper will warm you up from the inside.
Get the pne-pot chicken with baked dahl recipe here

Chicken tray bake with roast apples and thyme

Simply combine all of the ingredients and pop in the oven for 50 minutes.
Get the chicken tray bake with roast apples and thyme

Pork tray bakes

Pork sausages with sweet tomato and potato tray bake

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular recipes on the TASTE website.
Get the pork sausages with sweet tomato and potato tray bake recipe here

Roast vegetable, bacon and wilted chard bake

The roasted garlic used in the dressing gives a sweetly caramelised kick.
Get the roast vegetable, bacon and wilted chard bake recipe here

Beef tray bakes

Brinjal-and-mince bake

Serve this brinjal-and-mince tray bake with rice or risoni and garnish with baby spinach.
Get the brinjal-and-mince bake recipe here.

The perfect beef lasagne

Lasagne is one of the best food gifts Italy has ever given the world. This is Hannah Lewry’s favourite pasta dish: a version of her Dad’s recipe that still honours its authenticity.

Get the beef lasagne recipe here

Potato tray bakes

The classic potato bake

A classic potato bake? Undoubtedly as good as it gets.
Get the classic potato bake recipe here.

Sweet potato gratin

A twist on the classic.
Get the sweet potato gratin recipe here

Sweet tray bakes

Spiced gingerbread tray cake

Trust us, just bake it! It will be the star of the table.
Get the spiced gingerbread tray cake recipe here.

Plum and berry crumble

This is no ordinary crumble! Arrive with this tangy dessert starring seasonal plums and berries and a moreish, crispy, golden topping, and you’ll definitely score a second invitation.
Get the plum-and-berry crumble recipe here.

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