13 Easter recipes for the perfect al fresco lunch

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13 Easter recipes for the perfect al fresco lunch

Take Easter outside with Abigail Donnelly’s ideas for a lunch with lazy afternoon possibilities. There will be sharing plates, lamb (three ways!), crispy potatoes, creamy dressings over fresh greens and a whimsical twist on her famous pavlova.

1. Herby roast lamb with harissa brinjals

I like to roast the lamb the night before, then cover it tightly with tin foil to rest and become wonderfully tender. To serve, heat it up in the oven, covered, at 160°C for 40 minutes.

Herby roast lamb with harissa brinjals

Find the recipe for herby roast lamb with harissa brinjals here. 

2. Roasted red peppers with Hollandaise

You might feel daunted when you hear the word ‘Hollandaise’ but this recipe is flop-proof – even if you double the quantities.

Roasted red peppers

Find the recipe for roasted red peppers with Hollandaise here. 

3. Poached leeks with creamy asparagus sauce

This is a great way to add the sweetness of seasonal leeks into a delicious side of greens.

Poached leeks with creamy asparagus sauce

Find the recipe for poached leeks with creamy asparagus sauce here. 

4. Lamb ribs with patty pan-and-fennel slaw

The ribs are cooked slowly to render the fat. The freshness of the fennel slaw and dressing cut through all that richness.

Lamb ribs with patty pan-and-fennel slaw

Find the recipe for lamb ribs with patty pan-and-fennel slaw here. 

5. Roast chicken-and-ham terrine

Making a terrine can seem intimidating but this one, using Woolies’ ready-cooked ham and chicken, is so easy.

Roast chicken-and-ham terrine

Find the recipe for roast chicken-and-ham terrine here. 

6. Schwarma-spiced roast lamb

This schawarma-spiced roast lamb is seasoned to perfection and a great addition to any Easter table. It’s also topped with a refreshing fennel salsa.

Schwarma-spiced roast lamb

Find the recipe for schwarma-spiced roast lamb here. 

7. Chunky cabbage salad

This is a great alternative to a regular slaw – and my favourite way to use a large cabbage when I’m feeding a crowd.

Chunky cabbage salad

Find the recipe chunky cabbage salad here. 

8. Crunchita with chilli crisp

Chilli crisp turns ice-cold lettuce leaves into a salad packed with punchy flavours.

Crunchita with chilli crisp

Find the recipe for crunchita with chilli crisp here. 

9. Twice-cooked roast potatoes in tomato salsa

You can also make this with sweet potatoes. Either way, they’ll taste great served with the roast peppers and Hollandaise.

Find the recipe for twice-cooked roast potatoes in tomato salsa here. 

10. Slow-roasted lamb shoulder pie

This lamb pie is rather spectacular and a lovely surprise – no one will expect it on an Easter table.

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder pie

Find the recipe for slow-roasted lamb shoulder pie here. 

11. Swan pavlovas on raspberry purée

A different take on a regular pavlova, these cute meringue swans served in pools of raspberry purée add some fun to the table. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

Swan pavlovas on raspberry purée

Find the recipe for swan pavlovas on raspberry purée here. 

12. Dried fig-and-apple fruit cake

All that fruit makes for a beautifully moist cake. If you have the chance to bake it in vine leaves, please do – you’ll get a great crust.

Dried fig-and-apple fruit cake

Find the recipe for Dried fig-and-apple fruit cake here. 

13. Pashka semifreddo

I took inspiration from the traditional Easter dessert, pashka, which is loaded with dried fruits, nuts and glacé cherries, to make this ice-cream version. Use any fancy cake mould or a loaf pan. The mixture makes 1 ½ litres, divide between moulds as appropriate.

Pashka semifreddo

Find the recipe for Pashka semifreddo here. 

Abigail Donnelly Article by: Abigail Donnelly

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