13 modern Christmas dishes set to become new classics

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13 modern Christmas dishes set to become new classics

Break a few rules this Christmas, (‘cos it’s been that kinda year) and make new traditions with Abigail Donnelly’s inspired modern menu. It features both re-invented classics and some exciting new additions. Choose your favourites or re-create the whole menu.


1. Coconut-chicken crystal rolls

Coconut chicken crystal rolls 

Colourful, festive and perfect for summer, these coconut-chicken crystal rolls are a winner. Don’t allow the rice paper wrappers to get too soft when you soak them, they should still be a bit firm and will soften as you fill them. Store the finished rolls between sheets of clingwrap so they don’t stick together. If you like, use poached prawns instead of chicken.

Time-saving tip: Poach the chicken for the crystal rolls and make the dressing in advance. Prepare the fillings and keep in the fridge. Assemble the crystal rolls a few hours before serving.

Find the recipe for coconut chicken crystal rolls here.

2. Bovril-and-biltong rolls


These were inspired by chef Bertus Basson. You can add grated Cheddar, too. Make the day before and warm up in the oven for a few minutes before serving with butter.

Find the recipe for Bovril-and-biltong roll here. 

3. Smoked trout with marinated eggs


Forget salmon, this smoked trout salad is perfect for summer and guaranteed to be a hit. Smoke the trout and prepare the vegetables for the salad in advance. Keep the veg wrapped in a damp dishcloth in the fridge to keep it crisp.

Find the recipe for smoked trout with marinated eggs here.

4. Duck sausage rolls

Serve these up with apricot blatjang for an extra-special treat. Use pork, chicken or lamb sausages if you prefer. The blatjang makes a great gift, so triple the batch. Make the sausage rolls in advance (you could even freeze them if you are a super food nerd and start cooking a week ahead) and bake just before serving. Make the chutney up to a week in advance and keep in a jar in the fridge.

Find the recipe for duck sausage rolls here.

5. Beef tartare on toast


Make a big bowl and let guests help themselves. If you prefer, serve with rösti or salt-and-vinegar chips. Instead of using beef, use salmon or trout.

Find the recipe for beef tartare on toast here. 



6. Roast chicken stuffed with pork

This recipe proves that roast chicken can be a showstopper on your festive table. Cover the chicken in foil once cooked and serve at room temperature with Woolworths’ readymade gravy, or whisk a few spoonfuls of hummus into the pan juices for the easiest ever home-made gravy!

Find the recipe for roast chicken stuffed with pork here.

7. Stuffed pork shoulder


Prefer pork roast? This pork shoulder is stuffed with ancient grains, roasted in verjuice and served with ajvar – an Eastern European dish made using roasted red peppers and brinjals. Use pork belly if you prefer. The meat doesn’t have to be completely rolled up, just make sure it’s tied tightly with string. And, for the love of Santa, buy your Christmas meat in advance and freeze, rather than rushing to find it has sold out.

Find the recipe for stuffed pork shoulder

8. Marmalade-and-mustard roast duck


Swap turkey for this next-level roast duck with almost burnt almonds. Pour the excess duck fat into a jar and use to roast chicken or potatoes. Serve the duck with Woolworths’ berry shimmer glaze and Brussels sprouts and miso butter (see further down).

Find the recipe for marmalade-and-mustard roast duck here. 



9. Potato salad with preserved lemon crème fraîche


Whether you’re having a braai or a sit-down lunch, this game-changing potato salad will be an instant hit.

Find the recipe for potato salad with preserved lemon crème fraîche here.

10. Baked baby leeks


This is a versatile side. If you are not too fond of baby leeks, Tenderstem broccoli or asparagus also works well here. Add blue cheese to make it special.

Find the recipe for baked baby leeks here.

11. Brussels sprouts with crispy garlic


Add some umami flavour to the mix with miso butter – it’s the perfect way to jazz up veg. Abi makes a roll of miso butter and freezes it. Keep the cooking water and use it to make gravy. Pesto is also a great alternative to the butter.

Find the recipe for Brussels sprouts with crispy garlic here.

12. Puff pastry mashed potato pie


This may be the best ever way to serve mash! To save time you could use Woolies’ frozen mash and, if you prefer, swap the celeriac cream for cauliflower cream – roasting the cauliflower will take less time.

Find the recipe for puff pastry mashed potato pie here. 

13. Three-ingredient cheese crackers


These can be served as a starter or before or after dessert. You can also make individual crackers – roll the dough into a log, cover with clingwrap, chill, unwrap and slice thinly. Bake as directed.

Find the recipe for three-ingredient cheese crackers here. 

Abigail Donnelly Article by: Abigail Donnelly

Nothing excites Woolworths TASTE's Food Director quite as much as the challenge of dreaming up recipes with innovative new foods – or the thrill of creating deliciousness on a plate with the humblest of ingredients. With Abi by your side, you’ll be a cooking expert in no time at all.

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