17 side dishes that will steal the whole show

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17 side dishes that will steal the whole show

Stop focussing on the main event! Your side dishes are equally important, too. If you’ve never really given your side dishes more than a fleeting thought before, this is for you.


Grilled halloumi, chunky tomatoes, earthy shavings of fennel and sweet strawberry are a flavour match made in heaven.

Get the grilled halloumi, sweet strawberry and tomato salad recipe here.


Quicker than traditional mash, this butter-bean mash takes just 15 minutes to whip up – no peeling and boiling required! Expect the same creamy texture as traditional mash, but with a rich, buttery flavour. Simply add some lemon juice, garlic and a glug of olive oil. Voilà!

Get the butter-bean mash recipe here.


The Swedes sure know how to roast a spud! These are whole-roasted potatoes with a slight difference: potatoes are thinly sliced and roasted with duck fat and fresh sage leaves. They’re heavenly hasselbacks and you’ll never make roast potatoes the same way again.

Get the hasselback potatoes recipe here.


A hearty side salad of quick-pickled radishes, creamy avocado and peppery wild rocket leaves.

Get the pickled radish, avocado and rocket salad recipe here.

13 More showstopping sides

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