2 easy seafood recipes in under 30 minutes

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2 easy seafood recipes in under 30 minutes

A cheat’s hake bouillabaisse that’s good enough to be on any French bistro menu and an irresistable, crispy skin salmon pasta come together in under half an hour.

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Take the fear out of cooking fish with Woolies sustainably sourced, local, wild-caught hake fillets and Norwegian salmon. Keep things classic by serving with chips or salad or take your fish game to the next level with these two genius ideas, perfect for winter feasting.

Quick and easy hake “bouillabaisse”

Heat up the Woolworths tomato soup as per packaging instructions, portion the hake into bite-sized pieces, take the tomato soup off the heat, place the pieces inside the soup and close the lid. Allow to steam for 10-15 minutes. Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche and grated Parmesan.

Salmon salsa verde pasta

Pan fry salmon skin side down until golden brown. Prepare a packet of Woolworths pappardelle, heat up 3T olive oil with 1T butter, add 3 crushed cloves of garlic, 3T of capers, a handful of smashed pitted green olives – fry until slightly crispy, take off the heat, add a handful of chopped parsley, 3 crushed anchovies, and 1T of butter, toss the pasta through the salsa. Serve with crispy salmon, crushed green peppercorns, grated Parmesan, and lemon wedges.

Woolies hake fillets and Norwegian salmon are sustainably-sourced, local, wild-caught and portioned. All the work’s been done for you, so no need to worry about deboning and filleting.

Shop at Woolworths.

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