2 easy ways we’re enjoying stone fruit this summer

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2 easy ways we're enjoying stone fruit this summer

From salads and pastries to desserts and cocktails, stone fruit is the GOAT of summer fruit. We’re using our bounty of peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines to make an easy nectarine crumble and a brain-freezing peach frosé that’s going to be the star of all our summer entertaining occasions.

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The first bite of the season’s stone fruit always spells summer. And for the very best and brightest harvest of yellow and white nectarines, velvet-skinned yellow clings, pert apricots and ruby-hued plums, you know where to go. If there’s a way to add stone fruit to summer dishes, we’ll find it. Try nectarines with cured prosciutto and creamy burrata, grill peaches over the coals to serve with the best ice cream, or impress guests with a layered parfait dessert of stone fruit, granola and cheesecake filling. Want easy ways to enjoy your sun-ripened bounty this summer? Try these two delicious recipes.

Nectarine-and-oat crumble

This crumble will satisfy your desire for juicy baked fruit topped with a crisp, buttery “pastry” that doesn’t require too many steps, techniques and hours of chilling and laminating. We refer to it as the lazy cook’s stone fruit pie. The crumble is made using a mixture of oats and desiccated coconut but if you want something more textured, add chopped nuts and seeds to the crumble mixture before baking.

Get the recipe for nectarine-and-oat crumble.

Peach frosé

This peach frosé cocktail is a must for this summer heat! All you need is frozen peaches and some sparkling rosé wine. We’ve been influenced by social media feeds to add the viral shaved fruit hack to give it some flair. The next time you have a few guests coming over, make this cocktail instead of popping open a bottle of bubbles or cracking open some beers.

Get the recipe for peach frosé here.

PhotographyShavan Rahim
Videography: Romy Wilson
Recipes: Hannah Lewry
Food assistantLerato Motau

Find more stone fruit recipes here. 

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