2 showstopping bakes that spread festive cheer

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2 showstopping bakes that spread festive cheer

Got a sweet tooth? Pull out the stops this festive season with 2 dazzling bakes that showcase the wonders of sugar in baking, from easy sugar cookies the kids can help you make to a towering croquembouche that will win you the title of master baker.

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The festive season tends to turn everyone into a baker. It’s become tradition to have a tin of biscuits in the house just in case unexpected guests come knocking. Some of us bake to give loved ones a homemade gift from the heart; others bake to impress with showstopping desserts that can compete with those in professional bakeries. No matter the recipe, sugar is the key ingredient to making all dazzling bakes. How else could you make spun sugar, cookies, cakes and even icing? Selati pure white sugar is community-grown, with joy in every crystal. Want to know how we’re using a bag of Selati sugar this festive season? Start with these two recipes.

The novice: sugar cookies

If you’re looking for something simple to whip up quickly, sugar cookies are the way to go. This basic recipe can easily be dressed up with lemon zest, royal icing or, in our case, edible flowers – and you can ask the kids to help out. We also love this recipe because it can be enjoyed beyond the festive season – the dough keeps well in the freezer for any emergency cookies you may need to make when the cravings strike. Whether you want to gift your friends something homemade, or just want the smell of baking to waft through the house, this recipe will not disappoint.

Get the recipe for sugar cookies here.

The pro: croquembouche

Directly translating to “crunch in the mouth”, croquembouche is a classic French dessert made of cream-filled choux pastries that are dipped in caramel, assembled into a cone tower and decorated with spun sugar. French desserts often get a rep for being too technical, but most can be re-created in the comfort of your kitchen. Choux pastry is an easy pastry to make, and you can cut corners (like we have!) by using store-bought mousse to pipe into the pastries. Watch our video for tips on getting the perfect golden spun sugar. When you serve this at your next big lunch, everyone will be in awe of your baking skills.

Get the recipe for croquembouche here.

Photography: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipe: Jax Burgess
Food assistant: Sarah Millner

Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is community-grown, with joy in every crystal. Enjoy it in your cup of tea or bowl of porridge, or use it to create dazzling bakes and desserts. Sprinkle some joy – and enjoy a little helping of happiness every day.

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