2 smashing new ways with potato salads

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2 smashing new ways with potato salads

This autumn, the humble potato salad is getting a fresh makeover with Woolies’ delicious potato varieties. Trust us, they deserve a place at your next braai.


Fresh Asian salad:

Boil 75 g Nicola Mediterranean potatoes until tender, then drain and set aside. For a creamy coconut dressing, mix 1 cup coconut cream with 1 cup plain yoghurt and 1 T olive oil (to loosen the dressing, if needed). Season the potatoes to taste, then pour over the dressing and garnish with fresh coriander, sliced spring onions and grated fresh coconut (optional).

Crunchy bacon & smashed potato salad:

For a delicious smashed potato salad, halve 700 g red skin potatoes, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt & pepper, and pop a few garlic cloves and some fresh rosemary and sage in the pan. Roast in a medium oven until golden and tender. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and crispy fried bacon bits. For the sauce, combine 1 cup double cream plain yoghurt or crème fraîche with 3 T horseradish and stir to combine.

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