2 tea-time treats using tea

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2 tea-time treats using tea

Take a cup of your favourite Higher Living tea from winter-time sip to irresistable baked treats with a few simple steps.

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Making a warm cup of tea can be a way to keep yourself warm but it can also be an act of self-care, a soothing calmness after a busy day, and even provide some relief when you’re feeling under the weather. Higher Living Organic teas offer a wide range of tea blends for you to explore. You can stick to classic flavours like Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Rooibos or try new and exotic blends like Very Berry, and Chamomile & Vanilla.

A cup of tea isn’t complete without a sweet treat to match! Infuse your favourite Higher Living Organic tea into desserts. Here’s how:

1. Citrus-and-ginger self-saucing pudding

Give Malva pudding a break, there are so many other puddings to make. A warming cup of Higher Living Organic Ginger Kick tea pairs wonderfully with sweet citrus. Pairing the flavours to make a saucy pudding is a no-brainer. Serve with a warm creamy custard or a dollop of whipped cream. If you’re looking for a dessert that’s decadent but not too sweet, this is it.

Get the recipe for citrus-and-ginger self-saucing pudding here.

2. Chamomile, vanilla and white chocolate no-bake tart

If you’re not too confident about your baking skills, this tart is your failsafe way of having your cake and eating too. White chocolate is melted by pouring chamomile & vanilla-infused cream to give the tart the delicate and floral flavour of Higher Living Organic chamomile and vanilla tea. You can also make a mint-chocolate version by swapping the white chocolate for dark chocolate and the chamomile tea for Higher Living Organic Peppermint and Liquorice Tea. 

Get the recipe for chamomile, vanilla, and white chocolate tart here.

Photography: Jan Ras
Videography: Romy Wilson
Production: Brita du Plessis
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

Higher Living Organic Tea is an English family-run business that offers a brew for every mood. Explore their unique blends created with organic, aromatic and natural herbs that promise flavours and aromas that’ll help kick-start your day, ease you into your nightly routine or help soothe you on a busy day. 

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