2 unexpected ways to use a can of chakalaka

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2 unexpected ways to use a can of chakalaka

We bet you have a can of chakalaka in your cupboard. Don’t save it for a braai day add it to your weekly weekday lunches and dinners rotation. You’ll be surprised how far a can chakalaka can go.

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Don’t overlook chakalaka! Your braai plate is not complete without this classic South African veggie side. Serve it hot or cold with a side of braai pap or creamy samp and beans. Woolies has improved its original chakalaka and chakalaka with beans and added a new variant that includes sweet potatoes. But there’s more to a can of chakalaka beyond serving it at a braai. Here’s how we’re using the new, improved Woolies chakalaka.

1. Smashed  boerie tacos

These South African-inspired smashed tacos are our take on the viral smashed tacos trend! Boerewors is removed from the casings and mixed with chopped coriander, then “smashed” on mini wraps and pan-fried until the edges are golden and crispy. Finish with the best toppings ever: chakalaka and caramelised onions. If you’re craving boerie rolls but don’t want to fire up the coals, this is the best way to curb the cravings.

Get the recipe for smashed boerie tacos here.

2. Pap and chakalaka

Woolworths’ new chakalaka with sweet potato is a heartier take on the popular relish. There’s no need for a plate of braai meat, garlic bread and salads, just serve this chakalaka with warm and creamy pap.

Get the recipe for pap and chakalaka here.

Photography: Shavan Rahim
Videography: Romy Wilson
Recipes and production: Brita du Plessis
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

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