25 chilli recipes that are so hot right now

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25 chilli recipes that are so hot right now

Whether you prefer blow-your-head-off-hot curries, or simply want to spice up your cooking repertoire, you’re sure to find your recipe match in our list of TASTE’s top chilli dishes.

From starters to desserts and cocktails, one of these chilli recipes are bound to tickle your fancy:


Chilli-and-chive salmon fish cakes

Honey and chipotle glazed pork sausages

Beef carpaccio with coriander, chilli and lime pesto and phyllo sesame chips

Spicy chicken livers on toast

Spicy tomato dip with brinjal dippers

Bacon-wrapped chilli poppers with blue cheese sauce

Grilled prawn salad with chilli watermelon jam dressing

Korean stir-fried brinjals

Sticky soya chargrilled salmon skewers


Sticky beef ribs with Asian slaw

T-bone steak with buttermilk sauce and chakalaka

Peri-peri chicken

Slow-roasted pork mole tacos

Mussels and chorizo in chilli-tomato sauce

Fragrant chilli chicken

Pan-fried calamari with chilli, garlic and coriander on steamed greens

Pasta with red pepper, tomato and chilli meatball sauce

Smoked beef brisket, burnt-end beans and roast corn with chilli-and coriander salsa

Parrilla-style aged T-bone with chimichurri and roast red pepper-and-tomato salsa

Chicken tikka masala

Spiced nacho-crumbed chicken with avocado and fresh corn rice


Cauliflower-and-chilli pickle

Quick-and-easy kimchi

Salsa roja Mexicana


Cape gooseberry and chilli margarita

Creme caramel dessert with chilli flakes

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Want more heat? Look out for Abigail’s fiery round-up of chipotle chilli recipes in the current issue of TASTE – on sale now.

Annette Klinger Article by: Annette Klinger

Woolworths TASTE’s features writer maintains that almost any dish can be improved with butter and cream. She’s a stickler for comfort food, especially German treats that remind her of her late grandmother, such as pork schnitzel with sauerkraut and spätzlen. She is a voracious reader of food magazines and recipe books, and instinctively switches over to the cooking channel whenever she checks into a hotel or guesthouse.

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