27 delicious reasons to have a roll of puff pastry in the freezer

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27 delicious reasons to have a roll of puff pastry in the freezer

A classic pastry that is crispy, light as air and perfectly puffy. Never used puff pastry before? We’ve got a few tips (and recipes) for you.

5 pro-tips for using frozen puff pastry:

  • Allow the puff pastry to thaw before using it. If you can, let it thaw in the fridge overnight.
  • Once the roll has thawed, unroll it, taking care at the seams and the centre as these are prone to cracking.
  • Most bakers prefer to roll out the pastry using a rolling pin, but our food ed prefers not too. She says it makes for a much puffier crust if you don’t.
  • If you prefer to roll it out, lightly dust the top of the puff pastry with flour and roll out the lumps and bumps created by the packaging. The plan here is to flatten the curled roll rather than turning it into a thin sheet. Then cut and shape into your desired form before baking.
  • If you prefer a less puffy crust, prick the pastry all over with a fork, this makes for a waferthin, crisp crust.

What’s the difference between store-bought and home-made puff pastry? Nothing really – home-made puff pastry has the potential to be slightly puffier than the shop-bought version. But the most important thing for either is using butter – it always makes it taste better!

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