3 bold and beautiful dips to serve with your (popped) chips

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3 bold and beautiful dips to serve with your (popped) chips

These three, quick veggie-forward dips are next-level delicious – and they go fantastically well with the Woolies’ range of popped chips.


We’ve never met a dip we didn’t like – but these three vibrant veggie-forward dips take it to another level. And they’re simply perfect with our new favourite chips – the popped kind, of which Woolies has a fantastic variety. Get dipping!

The purple beet

Blend 4–5 Woolworths’ marinated whole pickled beetroot with 360 g hummus until smooth.  Sprinkle with Woolworths nut-and-seed sprinkle and microherbs.
Serve with: sour cream-and-chive-flavoured lentil-and-quinoa pop chips™

Roast carrot and feta

Roast 200 g baby carrots in a dash of olive oil and seasoning in a moderate oven until tender. Blend with 150 g Danish feta, adding a dash of water to loosen if necessary. Top with pink pickled onions and Woolworths’ balsamic seed sprinkle.
Serve with: sweet chilli potato pop chips™

Sweet pea-and-avo dip

Blend 1 ripe avocado with 150 g blanched petit-pois. Season and add lemon juice to taste. Top with blanched peas and sesame seeds.
Serve with: creamy Cheddar-flavoured lentil pop chips™

Did you know that Woolies’ air-popped chips contain at least 70% less fat than regular potato chips? That’s massive! Plus, they’re really tasty. The lentil-and-quinoa pop chip range is made using lentil flour, a blend of other flours and quinoa. Pressure and heat is then applied to create light, crispy chips with oodles of flavour. 

The potato pop chips are made with potato flakes and granules. Pressure and heat is applied to this mixture to pop it into a light and crispy chip. They’re also quite sturdy, making them the perfect vessel for your favourite dip! 

Shop the range at Woolworths now.

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