3 boozy ice-cream desserts for summer with Amarula

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3 boozy ice-cream desserts for summer with Amarula

Unwind this summer with a glass of Amarula on ice or use it to make ultra creamy and boozy desserts you can enjoy all season long.

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Here’s how we’re making sure our summer is delicious with Amarula:

1. Amarula ice-cream cake

Combine the creaminess of Amarula Cream Liqueur with a Peppermint Crisp tart to create this cool ice cream cake. Perfect for your next summer braai.

Get the recipe for Amarula ice-cream cake here.

2. Amarula Dom Pedro

This is a step up from having Amarula cream liqueur on ice. You need just 4 ingredients to make this dessert drink: ice cream, cream, Amarula Cream Liqueur and chocolate. If you want to show off your cocktail-making skills the next time you’re hosting, this is the drink to make.


Get the recipe for Dom Pedro here.

3. Nirvana by Chocolate

Craving a milkshake? This one is all grown up! Amarula Cream Liqueur, chocolate liqueur and vodka are blended together with ice cream and topped with chocolate shavings to make a thick and creamy dessert cocktail you’ll want to sip all summer long.

Get the recipe for Nirvana by Chocolate here. 

Amarula is made from the delicious Marula fruit of sub-Equatorial Africa, the Marula spirit is distilled and aged in French oak for two years before being blended with a velvety cream to create the smooth taste of Amarula. Amarula has a slightly fruity taste with hints of caramel.

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