3 butter biscuit recipes to bake this festive season

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3 butter biscuit recipes to bake this festive season

It’s time to start planning your holiday baking – and nothing feels more festive than butter biscuits. We’ve rounded up 3 of our favourite, buttery biscuits perfect for gifting or baking with the kids.


Salty pretzel choc-chunk shortbread

The most famous of buttery biscuits, there’s nothing quite like shortbread. The addition of pretzels here makes for an irresistibly salty result that will keep you coming back to the cookie jar over and over.
Get the recipe for salty pretzel choc-chunk shortbread here.

Custard cream sandwich biscuits

These nostalgic biscuits were likely the first thing we ever learned to bake – and for that, we’ll love them forever. They also make for an excellent gift for someone hosting you over the holidays.
Custard-cream-biscuitsGet the recipe for custard cream sandwich biscuits here.

Maltabella cookies

Everything you love about Maltabella, now in cookie form. These cookies are earthy, sweet and nutty in all the right places.
Maltabella-cookies-with-peanut-butter-caramelGet the recipe for Maltabella cookies here.

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