3 clever ways to turn prepared products into a substantial meal

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3 clever ways to turn prepared products into a substantial meal

Love them or hate them, there’s a time and a place for prepared things. But with some clever thinking, you can turn them into something spectacular. We’re never going to judge you for doing some shopping in the prepared, ready-made aisle, but we will judge you for not using them in these genius ways.

Easy chicken korma

In less time than it would take for a delivery to arrive, you can have a steaming chicken curry, complete with poppadoms.
easy chicken kormaGet the recipe for easy chicken korma here.

Green minestrone and frikkadels

Proof there’s more to do with that bag of prepped veggies than just steaming them, this soup feels wholesome and filling at the same time.
green minestrone and frikkadelsGet the recipe for green minestrone and frikkadels here.

Moroccan roast veggies with chickpeas

Who knew that a jar of tagine paste, ready-to-roast vegetables and chickpeas could make such an impressive dish?
Moroccan roast veggiesGet the recipe for Moroccan roast veggies with chickpeas here.

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