3 delicious dairy-free dishes to get you through the day

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3 delicious dairy-free dishes to get you through the day

Whether you’re trying to sidestep the lactose or just keen to try some dairy alternatives, we’ve cooked up some super tasty dairy-free dishes – with a little help from the ever-expanding dairy-free range at Woolies.


1. BREAKFAST: easy soaked oats

Place 100 g rolled oats in a bowl and pour over 2 cups of Woolworths almond milk. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours. To serve; scoop the soaked oats into 2 bowls and add a dollop of almond butter to each. Top with berries, nuts, a drizzle of maple syrup and a splash of almond milk if you want.


2. LUNCH (or dinner): loaded veggie burgers with sweet potato fries

Toast 2 ultimate burger buns and add to each: a smear of hummus, 1 spicy quinoa, butternut & kale burger patty (fried according to package instructions), sliced tomato, dairy free Cheddar-flavoured cheese, another patty, another slice of dairy free cheese, cucumber ribbons, non-dairy basil pesto*, rocket and pickled red onion. Spread the top of the burger bun with Woolworths vegan mayo and press down. Serve with baked sweet potato fries sprinkled with grated dairy free hard cheese and sea salt.

* For DIY dairy free pesto, follow your usual pesto recipe (i.e. blend fresh basil, pine nuts, olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic in a blender) but instead of adding Parmesan or Pecorino, add Woolworths dairy free hard cheese.


3. DESSERT: fruit coconut yoghurt cups

To start, divide 2 containers of plain cultured coconut yoghurt or 2 containers of Woolworths fresh coconut cream between 4 glasses. Top with stewed/grilled fruit of your choice: raspberries or blackberries, simmered with sugar and a splash of lemon juice until sticky and tender, or caramelised peaches (sliced and grilled with a trickle of maple syrup or honey). Sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes and fresh mint, and enjoy!


Shop the dairy free range at Woolworths here.



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  • default
    Toni Brockhoven
    March 12, 2021

    Uhm… your recipe says to use the Ultimate burger buns, which contain egg and dairy! Anyone choosing dairy free pesto, dairy free cheez and and egg free (vegan) mayo will avoid the egg and dairy free rolls. Who does your recipe research? Clearly not a plant-based eater or vegan. I know that help has been offered in this area, by others and myself, at no cost to Woolworths, which has been declined or ignored. I love that you make an effort in this regard, but the constant errors are insulting and devalue your consumers, of a base that is growing daily.

  • default
    Bridgit Atkins
    March 2, 2021

    Please can we have more creative recipes for those of us with dairy allergies?