3 easy Pink Lady® apples bakes anyone can master

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3 easy Pink Lady® apples bakes anyone can master

The Woolworths fruit aisle is overflowing with Pink Lady® apples. From May to November can you enjoy your fill of these crunchy and tart apples. Snack, bake or juice – the options are endless. To get you started, here are 3 easy baking recipes that anyone can make. No complicated techniques, special equipment or hoards of ingredients needs.

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It’s that time of the year again! Pink Lady® apples are back on Woolworths shelves. We’re excited to taste the wow of this blush-hued fruit. Take a bite to hear the satisfying crunch and sample their tart flavour (complete with an effervescent fizz). Pink Lady® apples are left to linger longer on the trees to absorb more of nature’s goodness while developing their characteristic radiance, sweet, refreshing, tart flavour. The apples receive round-the-clock care – only the best are hand-picked and selected. To get in the mood for Pink Lady® season, we rounded up three easy bakes that are perfect for chilly winter days when you want to indulge.

1. Strawberry-and-apple cobbler

There’s nothing better than fresh home-made apple desserts in winter. The warm apple-and-strawberry filling is topped with a buttery, nutty crust and finished off with a dusting of icing sugar. It’s in the oven for 20 minutes and takes just 10 minutes to assemble, making it perfect for midweek baking! For maximum Pink Lady® flavour, double the apple quantity and leave out the strawberries.

Get the recipe for strawberry-and-apple cobbler here.

2. Buttermilk apple muffin squares

No muffin pan, no problem! You can bake one giant muffin in a sheet pan and slice it into squares once baked and cooled. The addition of cinnamon pairs well with the Pink Lady® apples and makes these sweet treats an excellent autumnal bake. Enjoy the muffins plain or top them with the crumbly streusel topping suggested in the recipe before baking. Make this on a Sunday and snack on the muffins during the week ahead.

Get the recipe for buttermilk apple muffin squares here. 

3. Tahini frangipane tart

This dessert is an elevated version of peanut butter-and-jam sandwiches. The tahini provides a nutty flavour while the berry compote lends a sweet, jammy texture to this apple tart. Don’t be fooled by the thin slivers of apple slices perfectly arranged on the pastry, anyone can make this dessert. There are no better apples to use in this recipe than Pink Lady® apples. Their crispy texture allows them to retain their shape even when baked and the tart flavour becomes sweeter during the baking process.

Get the recipe for tahini frangipane tart here.

Only the best apples are selected – the heart-shaped sticker assures you that only the finest quality was packaged. This results in a crunchy, great-tasting healthy snack with every bite! These apples are seasonal and therefore only available to purchase from May to November. Pink Lady® apples are versatile – enjoy as a crunchy, healthy snack or add to bakes, desserts, salads and sauces. Head  to your nearest store to get your pack of Pink Lady® apples and take a bite to taste the wow!

Learn more about Pink Lady® apples here.

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