5 fast, fancy toast dinner ideas

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5 fast, fancy toast dinner ideas

While we’ll never tire of a fried egg on toast for dinner, there comes a time that you want to combine the ease of toast for dinner with something that feels a little more special. These are our picks of fancy toast for dinner.

1. Welsh rarebit on toast with corn and leeks

Sure, you could have cheese on toast but putting in 10 more minutes of effort means you could have this beauty for dinner. Play around with whatever ingredients you’ve got to hand here, including any mix of cheeses (blue cheese and Brie would be excellent). Omit the corn if you don’t have and swap out the leeks for caramelised onions if you prefer.

Get the recipe for Welsh rarebit on toast with corn and leeks here.

2. No-cook Puttanesca-and-ricotta toast

Chances are if you’re planning toast for dinner, a recipe with “no-cook” in the title is bound to be the one for you. Simple ricotta and tomato are gussied up with some punchy flavours, resulting in what could be the fanciest toast of all time. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the rules here, though. Swap the ricotta for any soft cheese you have, such as goat’s or cream cheese, if you like.

Get the recipe for no-cook Puttanesca-and-ricotta toast here.

3. Peppered mackerel and smashed peas on rye toast

If this sounds a step too involved, hear us out. If you don’t have mackerel, smoked salmon or trout would work just as well, and avo could stand in for peas. Whichever combination you end up with, know that a poached egg would top this off perfectly.
Peppered mackerel and smashed peas on rye toast recipe
Get the recipe for peppered mackerel and smashed peas on rye toast here.

4. Pan-fried chicken livers

Beans on toast may be a classic, but this updated version takes things to new heights. Swap out baked beans for cannellini beans and fried chicken livers with chilli and bacon! It’s filling, flavourful and ready in under 30 minutes!


Get the recipe for pan-fried chicken livers here. 

5. Oven-baked tomato toast

Technically this is a breakfast recipe, but breakfast for dinner is always fun. The tomatoes are perfectly roasted and any leftovers can be blended into a dressing or transformed into a light soup. This recipe includes poached eggs and chimichurri for serving, but you can add your favourite breakfast additions to make it your own.


Find the recipe for oven-baked tomato toast here. 

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