3 fermented drinks you have to try

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3 fermented drinks you have to try

If there was ever a perfect time to try your hand at brewing your own African beer, it would be now. Plus, a delicious lassi and a cheat’s kombucha.



By now, you’ve heard about all the pros (for probiotics, ha!) of kombucha. We’re all about that healthy gut but we’re not all about to set up a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) in our kitchens. This is why we love the Woolies range of batch-brewed, naturally fermented kombucha (and ginger beer). They’ve done all the hard work for us.


Discover more about Woolies’ kombucha, here.

Mango lassi with lavender sugar

There’s nothing like a sweet and creamy lassi to accompany a hot, spicy curry. It’s the easiest of the home fermented drinks recipes because the yoghurt packs all the probiotic goodness. All you have to do is blend the ingredients and enjoy!

Find the mango lassi with lavender sugar recipe, here.

African beer

Or, as it’s traditionally called, umqombothi. Toss the pineapple beer and try this recipe from Dorah Sitole’s 40 Years of Iconic Food, instead. It takes about 3 days to prepare. Better get to it, then.


Find the umqombothi recipe, here.

Discover more features, here.

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Shop the kombucha range, now, at Woolworths.co.za

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