3 tasty lunchbox ideas with ClemenGold® mandarins

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3 tasty lunchbox ideas with ClemenGold®  mandarins

Bored of your go-to lunchbox meals? These 3 easy recipes using ClemenGold® mandarins tick off all the boxes: take your pick between lunch, dessert and a snack.

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It’s citrus season, which means ClemenGold® mandarins are back in season and we cannot WAIT to start using them in recipes. Exclusive to Woolworths and handpicked by expert growers, ClemenGold® mandarins are citrus at their best. Load up on this sweet, juicy, seedless, sun-ripened fruit this winter. There are tons of ways to enjoy ClemenGold® mandarins: as a snack, added to bakes and desserts, or in dressings and salads.

ClemenGold® snack bars

These seed snack bars are chewy, chocolatey and pack a lot of zesty flavour. Store in an airtight container and reach for a square when you’re craving a sweet treat. The kiddos will also love these.

Get the recipe for ClemenGold® snack bars here.

ClemenGold® Asian noodle salad

No sad desk lunch here! This crunchy salad comes together in 20 minutes. It’s light yet filling and requires zero cooking.

Get the recipe for ClemenGold® Asian noodle salad here.

Sweet ClemenGold® sandwiches

Inspired by Japanese fruit sandos, this recipe swaps soft milk bread for Maderia cake to make a sweet, creamy dessert that will brighten your day.

Get the recipe for sweet ClemenGold® sandwiches here.

ClemenGold® mandarins are seedless, juicy and easy to peel, with an unmistakable sweet flavour. They’re perfect for a quick snack on the go or a sweet addition to any recipe. Find them exclusively in Woolworths stores.

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