3 next-level braai salads

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3 next-level braai salads

With the weather starting to cheer up, there’s only one thing on our minds – braais. And what takes a braai from good to great? Sides, and salads in particular. These are our current favourite next-level braai salads.

Classic green salad

This simple green salad, dressed with a foolproof vinaigrette is a classic for a reason. The punchy dressing will cut through any richness from the meat and leave you feeling perfectly balanced. If you’d like to add some more ingredients, finely sliced cucumber, avo and roasted nuts certainly wouldn’t be out of place here.
Terry's classic green salad
Get the recipe for classic green salad here.

Asian slaw

Everyone loves a slaw, but instead of the usual mayo-laden variety, why not serve this Asian-style one? The punchy dressing will cut through any lingering richness from all the meat on offer.
asian slaw
Get the recipe for Asian slaw here.

Marinated charred vegetables with butter beans

Make the fire work double time by charring the veggies on it to impart some serious flavour. The real drawcard of this salad is you can make it way ahead of time as it will improve as it sits. Bonus points? It makes excellent leftovers.
Marinated charred vegetables with butter beans
Get the recipe for marinated charred vegetables with butter beans here.

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