3 next-level braaibroodjie recipes to try

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3 next-level braaibroodjie recipes to try

From a good old classic to a decadent snoek option, these delicious braaibroodjies will take your braai to the next level.

1. Abi’s ultimate braaibroodjies

Everyone has their own secret ingredient for their version of the perfect braaibroodjie. TASTE’s food director, Abigail Donnelly, has three! She seasons hers with white pepper and onion powder, and mixes mayo with the butter spread on the outside of the bread. The result is a braaibroodjie bursting with flavour with a really good crunch.Abi's ultimate braaibroodjies


Find Abi’s ultimate braaibroodjies recipe here.

2. Smoked snoek braaibroodjies

Have some leftover snoek from that fish braai? Why not use it in a braaibroodjie? Fritz Schoon, baker and co-owner of popular Western Cape bakery SCHOON developed this recipe – and trust us, it’s out of this world. His take makes use of fresh herbs and apricot jam that works well with the smoky flavours of the snoek.

Fritz's smoked snoek braaibroodjie recipe

Find the smoked snoek braaibroodjie recipe here.

3. Bacon-wrapped braaibroodjie

Bacon in a braaibroodjie is already a winner, but this recipe takes things a step further. With cheese and sweet chilli sauce on the inside, and crispy bacon on the outside, this version is a game-changer.

Bacon-wraped braaibroodjie

Find the recipe for bacon-wrapped braaibroodjies here.

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