3 nostalgic ox tripe recipes to try

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3 nostalgic ox tripe recipes to try

How do you serve ox tripe? Woolworths’ NEW slow-cooked ox tripe is our secret to enjoying this much-loved traditional South African dish without having to do the work. Serve as is, or follow the recipes provided by Woolworths product developers: trotters, tripe and sugar bean curry, curried tripe, and tripe-and-butter bean curry to upgrade this ready-made offal.

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Great news! You can now prepare ox tripe at home with zero effort and in a quarter of the time. How? With Woolworths’ new slow-cooked ox tripe. The ox tripe is slow-cooked in a rich beef stock to ensure the best flavour, tenderness and succulence. All you have to do is heat and eat. Really, it’s that simple. All the work has been done for you: cleaning, slow-cooking and seasoning. If you want to level up the ready-made ox tripe, you can add spices, legumes, veggies or a rich curry sauce. We recently asked the product and recipe developers at the Woolworths headquarters to share the many ways they serve ox tripe and their answers did not disappoint.

1. Sharon Mbonambi –  Curried Tripe

With 20 years of experience, Woolworths senior product developer Sharon Mbonambi is no stranger to the kitchen. For her, tripe invokes memories of her dad and growing up in Durban. She remembers how it was a well-loved dish by all the children she used to play with in her street. The smell of the tripe cooking would get them excited about dinner, and once that happened, playtime was officially over. While ox tripe is traditionally cooked with salt, pepper and onions, Sharon puts a twist on her recipe. She adds a spoonful of apricot jam at the end of the to give it a sweet-savoury flavour. Whenever she’s feeling nostalgic or wants to relive memories she has of her father, she cooks a pot of tripe to take her right back to those moments.

Get the recipe for curried tripe here.

2.  Clem Pedro – tripe-and-butter bean curry

“Tripe has always been a special ingredient for me. It takes me back to my childhood every time I eat it or make it. It’s about the people I cooked it with, or the people I’ve had around the table when we shared this dish. Tripe has and will always be special to me, and having it in Woolies makes me so proud to have this piece of my culture shared with the rest of South Africa.”

Get the recipe for tripe-and-butter bean curry here.

3. Marisa Munroe – Trotters, tripe and sugar bean curry

“There is a takeaway curry shop in Claremont, Cape Town that sells trotters-and-tripe curry on Thursdays, but sometimes a girl needs tripe on other days too!  This is an easy way to get your fix whenever the craving hits, without the hassle of cooking the tripe!”

Get the recipe for trotters, tripe and sugar bean curry here.

Photography & Videography: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Videography: Challenge Bobo
Production: Brita du Plessis
Food Assistant: Josh van Zyl

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