3 of the most comforting lemon desserts

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3 of the most comforting lemon desserts

The best way to enjoy lemons is in dessert form. Agree? Good! We’ve rounded up three of our favourite feel-good lemony desserts for you to enjoy. Avoid the seeds when making them, by using Woolies LemonGold™️ seedless lemons.


1. Self-saucing lemon pudding

Sam Woulidge makes this pudding to comfort her son after making him drink some freshly squeezed lemon juice to cure his hiccups. You can enjoy it whenever you like – no hiccups required!


Find the recipe for self-saucing lemon pudding here.

2. 3-ingredient lemon tarts

If you’re looking for an easy treat to have for tea time, these lemon tarts are perfect. As the name suggests, you only need three ingredients to make them and they are ready in 30 minutes.


Find the recipe for 3-ingredient lemon tarts here.

3. Lemon tart with pine-nut brittle

This lemon tart makes for a fun baking project. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also impressive to serve and easier to make thank you think.


Find the recipe for lemon-tart-with-pine-nut-brittle here. 

Want more lemony goodness?

This classic lemon meringue pie will definitely hit the spot.

Find the LemonGold™️ lemon meringue recipe, here.

Shop LemonGold™️ seedless lemons at Woolworths, now.

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