3 recipes that wouldn’t be the same without balsamic vinegar

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3 recipes that wouldn't be the same without balsamic vinegar

If you think Balsamic is just like any other vinegar, it’s time to think again. Its rich, deep flavour is perfect for splashing over salads, but it’s also incredible when used in cooking. These are our favourite recipes that let Balsamic shine.


Balsamic onions

There are roasted onions, and then there are these lacquered beauties. This might seem like an extremely lengthy time to cook onions, but trust that its worth it. The combination of sweet onions with the balsamic is one that will have you coming back for more, time and time again.

Get the recipe for Balsamic onions here.

Baked nectarines and peaches with ice cream

You might think that strawberries are the only fruit that works with balsamic, but this recipe proves otherwise. The subtle addition of balsamic takes everything to a whole new flavoursome level.

Get the recipe for baked nectarines and peaches with ice cream here.

Beetroot tarte tatin

We’re going to give this to you straight – while a splash of balsamic would work wonders in any savoury tarte tatin, there’s something particularly good about it with beetroot. The sweet, earthy combination is simply irresistible, and we predict you’ll be making this tart on repeat over the summer holidays.

Get the recipe for beetroot tarte tatin here.

Looking for more balsamic inspiration? Try these two fab recipes.


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