3 sandwiches that don’t suck

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3 sandwiches that don't suck

It pains us to say this, but the holidays are well and truly over and life is going back to (somewhat) normal. With work starting up again, it’s time to start thinking about clever lunch ideas. Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you have to endure uninspired lunches. In fact, one of the best things about working from home might be the opportunity you have to make yourself a wonderful lunch. We’re rounding up some of our favourite sandwich recipes that are easy to put together between Zoom calls.

Caesar sandwich

We know what you’re thinking: this sandwich is way too involved for a quick midday bite, but hear us out. If making an aioli is out of the question, simply grate a bit of garlic and squeeze fresh lemon juice (and finely chopped anchovies, if you fancy!) into any mayo you’ve got at home and toss that through the lettuce before assembling. A six-minute egg wouldn’t be out of place here either, even if it’s not very traditional.
Get the recipe for Caesar sandwich here.

Coronation chicken-and-corn toasties

For those times you can’t face another chicken mayo, this Coronation-inspired version is here to renew your faith in sandwiches. The delicately spiced mayo is topped with a crunchy slaw that you could leave out if you’re in a rush, but it takes everything to a whole new level.
Get the recipe for Coronation chicken-and-corn toasties here.

Inside-out trout-and-cucumber finger sandwiches

We’ve taken granny’s tea sandwich and given it a new lease on life with the addition of a punchy sour cream base and smoked trout. Feel free to riff on this, and know that even without the trout, this makes the best cucumber sandwich you’ll ever eat.
Get the recipe for inside-out trout-and-cucumber finger sandwiches here.

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Jess Spiro is a freelance food writer, chef and restaurant critic based in Cape Town, who can often be found in search of the next great plate of food. Follow her on Instagram @jess_spiro to see what she's eating.

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