3 savvy recipes to make with a bag of seedless LemonGold®️ lemons

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3 savvy recipes to make with a bag of seedless LemonGold®️ lemons

When it comes to versatile citrus, we can all agree that lemons come out tops. This zingy fruit can take you from dinner to dessert and even lend an acidic kick to beverages and snacks. No time to cook? Make a creamy 20-minute Lemongold®️ pasta. Update a bowl of microwave popcorn with Lemongold®️ and make the dreamiest Lemongold®️ pudding.

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Got a bag of seedless LemonGold®️ lemons? The inspiration is endless! We love these lemons for their sharp, acidic zing that can brighten any dish. With spring approaching, we’ve created 3 transitional season recipes you can enjoy whether you’re short on time, feel like indulging, or want to put your feet up and binge your favourite series or movies. All these recipes contain minimal ingredients and require little effort. The goal is to have a satisfying meal or snack without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen making something elaborate.

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1. The 20-minute pasta: creamy LemonGold®️ pasta

Between your busy schedule and your area’s loadshedding schedule, making dinner is turning into a Herculean task. We’ve taken the stress out of it with this simple and speedy creamy LemonGold®️ pasta. It comes together in just 20 minutes and uses everyday ingredients like butter, garlic and lemons. The result is a creamy pasta dish that boasts a LemonGold®️ kick. If you’re craving something meatier, top it with crispy bacon bits or pan-seared salt-and-pepper chicken breasts.

Get the recipe for creamy LemonGold®️ pasta here.

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2. Dreamy dessert: LemonGold®️ self-saucing pudding

If a soufflé and a pudding had a baby, this LemonGold®️ dessert would be it! The easy batter makes a light and airy sponge and soaks up a sharp and tangy lemon-curd-like sauce at the bottom of the dish. For finishing touches, make a simple LemonGold®️ marmalade (we suggest making extra to spread on toast) by simmering LemonGold®️ slices in a simple sugar syrup until chewy and translucent. If you’re looking for a saucy pudding that isn’t as rich as classics like malva and sticky toffee, this LemonGold®️ self-saucing pudding is your best bet!

Get the recipe for LemonGold®️ self-saucing pudding here.

3. Snack attack: LemonGold®️ butter popcorn

Adding candy-coated chocolate balls to your popcorn is so last season. We’re adding LemonGold®️ zest and juice to our popcorn. Toss microwaved popcorn in homemade lemon-and-maple butter to make a sweet and salty snack. It’s a fun departure from the usual sweet-and-salty popcorn combo. If you already have a bag of seedless LemonGold®️ lemons, you might as well make the most of them, right?

Get the recipe for LemonGold®️ butter popcorn here.

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Photographs: Saadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipes: Jacqueline Burgess
Food assistant: Claire van Rooyen

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LemonGold® seedless lemons are juicy and zesty without the hassle of unwanted seeds. They’re great for cooking and baking – use them to add acidity to dressings, tartness to desserts, and brightness to rich stews and soups. Find them exclusively at Woolworths.

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