3 sensational asparagus starters

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3 sensational asparagus starters

Having people over for dinner? Impress them with these easy seasonal starters


1. Asparagus soup

This creamy soup takes just 20 minutes to make. You can quickly whip it up and focus your attention on making your mains.

Find the recipe for asparagus soup here.

2. Summer asparagus salad

Warmer weather demands a salad, and this one is a winner. It’s nice and light so your guests will have plenty of space for all the courses you’re planning to serve.

Find the recipe for summer asparagus salad here.

3. Tomato-and-asparagus tart

What to make a comforting appetizer? This delectable tart will hit the spot.

Tomato-and-asparagus-tart recipe

Find the recipe for tomato-and-asparagus tart here.

Feeling inspired? Celebrate the local asparagus season with two more delicious asparagus dishes.

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