3 speedy midweek dinner ideas

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3 speedy midweek dinner ideas

Regardless of the day of the week, and no matter how busy you are – you can always have a delicious dinner with these speedy recipes.


Golden soup

Soup is sometimes dismissed for being too labour and time intensive for during the week, but we’re inclined to disagree. This recipe calls for prepared butternut (you could also add in sweet potato if you like) meaning your hands on time is all of 10 minutes.

Get the recipe for golden soup here.

Veggie pies

Contrary to popular belief, pies don’t actually require a lot of work. All you need is some pastry, some pre-cut veggies and hey presto, you’ve got a vegetarian pie ready in minutes.
Get the recipe for veggie pies here.

Beetroot soup with avocado toast

Beetroot is likely the last thing you’d think of making for a midweek dinner. Between the pink hands and peeling, it’s known for its ease. But, when you buy precooked beetroot, all the hard work has been done for you and you’re halfway to enjoying this veggie-rich soup.
beetroot soup with avocado toast
Get the recipe for beetroot soup with avocado toast here.

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