3 sweet and delicious ideas with apples and pears

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3 sweet and delicious ideas with apples and pears

So, you bought a big bag of apples or pears, and now you don’t know what to do with them all? No problem – we have some smashing (and absolutely delicious) ideas for you to try.


Apples and pears, thrice as nice

Bulk buying is always a great idea… until you have too many leftovers and not enough ideas. We’ve all been there but there’s absolutely no reason to let perfectly good apples and pears go to waste. Especially when we have three perfectly good ideas that are as easy to make as they are yummy to eat.

Top red and royal gala apple crumble

When you’re feeling those apple crumble cravings that only true fans of this dessert understand – don’t stress about the mess (or the time) it takes to make it. We have a quick and easy traybake version that will hit the spot.


Get the top red and royal gala apple crumble recipe, here.

Apple, pear and caramel butter

Forget nut butter on apples. This sweet apple, pear and caramel butter on a scone (or a flapjack!) will put any other treat to shame at tea time.


Find the apple, pear and caramel butter recipe, here.

Pear pastry twists

Forget complicated recipes. The only thing you need to get twisted right now is a plate of these pear pastry twists. Just peel, poach, wrap and bake.


Find the pear pastry twists, here.

Feeling inspired? Shop sweet and crunchy apples and pears at Woolworths.

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