3 sweet melon and watermelon recipes that will blow your rind!

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3 sweet melon and watermelon recipes that will blow your rind!

What better way to celebrate the best of what summer has to offer than with sweet melon and watermelon? Cool down with melon sorbet, bake to impress with watermelon cheesecake and snacking has never looked this good with watermelon fries with a yoghurt dipping sauce.

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It’s the season to enjoy summer fruit! While there are many delicious ways to enjoy your favourite summer fruit, most people tend to get stuck when it comes to creating dishes using watermelon and sweet melon. They’re super juicy and the brighter they are, the sweeter they taste. Woolworths’ ready cut and cleaned melon ensures that you no longer have to tap your fruit to guess whether it’s ripe – simply just snack on them straight from the tub! Plus, you can even make these 3 summer-approved recipes that allow these bright and sweet fruits to shine.

1. Cool off: No-churn melon sorbet

Cool down this summer with home-made sorbet. No need for a fancy ice-cream churner, this one is super easy to make – plus it only has 3 ingredients. The unexpected kick of ginger in this sorbet will have you going back for more. We promise that even the toughest melon-haters will be converted with this golden sorbet.  Get the recipe for no-churn melon sorbet here.

2. Crowd favourite: no-bake watermelon cheesecake

Everyone loves cheesecake and they’ll love this watermelon cheesecake even more! The layer of watermelon jelly adds a bright pink colour to this fridge tart. Garnish with more watermelon – they’re in season, after all, so go crazy.

Get the recipe for no-bake watermelon cheesecake here

3. Summer snacking: watermelon fries

Non-recipe recipes are our absolute favourite. Thinly sliced watermelon matchsticks are seasoned with chilli-and-lime salt and served with a yoghurt dipping sauce. This snack is sweet, a little spicy and creamy. Slice watermelon into matchsticks and place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Season with Woolworths’ chilli-and-lime seasoning and serve with double-cream yoghurt with lime zest. Garnish with lime wedges and fresh mint.

Woolworths’ watermelon and sweet melon is peeled, sliced and packaged for your convenience. Only the sweetest fruit is picked. Enjoy as a juicy, fresh snack or add to dessert, drinks and bakes. Take your pick of melon and watermelon in 350g and 500g punnets and 250g snack pots.

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