3 vegetarian recipes from Mokgadi Itsweng’s ‘Veggielicious’

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3 vegetarian recipes from Mokgadi Itsweng's 'Veggielicious'

Mokgadi Itsweng’s debut cookbook, Veggielicious is here and she’s given us a sneak peek at some of the incredible plant-based recipes inside it.

Mokgadi ItswengSeasoned chef and writer Mokgadi Itsweng has released her debut cookbook – and it’s a corker. Whether you’re just trying to eat more vegetables or follow a more plant-based diet, Veggielicious is the cookbook you need. In the book, Mokgadi celebrates vegetables in all their wonder across all the seasons. It’s packed with recipes that teach you how to build flavour, work with an array of vegetables, herbs and techniques, affordably.

Learn how to cook indigenous ingredients like sorghum or millet, to create fabulous salads, burgers and sauces, wholesome, sustaining breakfasts, small dishes for grazing platters or starters, show-stopping main dishes, creative sides and even desserts.

Here are three scrumptious recipes to try right now:

1. Herby vegan cheese

Plant-based cheese is easier to make than you think and Mokgadi’s recipe produces a beautifully firm and versatile result that’s packed with flavour.

vegan cheeseGet the recipe for herby vegan cheese here.

2. Morogo dumplings

Morogo, the much-loved green leaf, play a starring role in these fluffy dumplings.
morogo dumplingsGet the recipe for morogo dumplings here.

3. Potato cakes with tomatoes and mushrooms

Just when you think you couldn’t love potatoes anymore, Mokgadi turns them into irresistible patties.
potato cakes with tomatoes and mushroomsGet the recipe for potato cakes with tomatoes and mushrooms here.

Recipes extracted from Veggielicious by Mokgadi Itsweng, published by Human & Rousseau and retailing for R375.

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