3 ways to turn salads into mains

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3 ways to turn salads into mains

Go beyond braai sides and soggy, wilted leaves and let us expand what you think you know about salads. These easy additions and tricks can help you bulk up your favourite salads and enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Woolworths’ impressive range of prepped salads and vegetables proves that salad doesn’t have to be limited to leaves and dressing. Woolies offers all sorts of prepped salads and sides including potato salad, chakalaka, coleslaw and various toppings such as croutons and nut sprinkles. Sure, you can follow the packaging instructions and serve as is, but these salads can also make as a base for your meals. Here’s how we take Woolworths’ salads from breakfast to dinner:

Breakfast: crispy fried eggs and chakalaka bean salad on toast

There’s more to chakalaka than braais and stokvel meetings, this spicy carrot relish can be eaten for breakfast, too. If you’re on the hunt for a filling breakfast that will keep you going all day, top toasted ciabatta slices with Woolies’ chakalaka, fried eggs, and a seed-and-nut sprinkle. You can even swap the bread for a toasted wrap.

Get the recipe for crispy fried eggs and chakalaka bean salad on toast here.

Lunch: rainbow slaw rolls with peanut satay dressing and Asian dressing

We love making rainbow rolls because you can fill them any way you like. For this version, we’ve used Woolies’ rainbow slaw, but feel free to add smoked tofu, chicken breast or rice vermicelli noodles. Don’t forget the all-important peanut satay dipping sauce!

Get the recipe for rainbow slaw rolls with peanut satay dressing and Asian dressing here.

Dinner: quesadillas with Mexican salad

This easy Mexican-inspired dish is the true definition of a speedy supper. It comes together in under 20 minutes and you’re guaranteed an explosion of flavours.

Get the recipe for quesadillas with Mexican salad here.

Bonus recipe: roast butternut-and-beetroot tart

Instantly turn your favourite salad into a filling tart. Simply roll out puff pastry, score it, bake it, and top with your favourite salad. If you have more time on your hands, spread whipped goat’s cheese, feta, ricotta or labneh on the baked pastry before topping with your favourite salad. Add some texture with seed-and-nut sprinkle, dress and serve!

Get the recipe for roast butternut-and-beetroot tart here.

Browse more salad recipes here.

Photography: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Production: Hannah Lewry
Food assistant: Claire-Ellen Van Rooyen

Woolworths offers an extensive range of ready-made sides and salads. Enjoy as a light meal or add colour and crunch to mains. From classics such as Greek salad, slaw and potato salad, to modern takes including bulgur wheat and lentil and booster bowls. Simply toss, dress and serve – it’s that easy. 

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