3 ways with fritters that kids will love

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3 ways with fritters that kids will love

There’s nothing like a fritter to sneak some veggies – and even fruit – into your young ones’ tummies. They can be a great veggie vehicle afterall! Here are three of our all-time favourite ways with fritters.

1. Easy corn fritters

We love a classic corn fritter, and what makes this recipe great is that you could go high-summer and use seasonal corn on the cob – or you can take a quick, handy shortcut using canned sweetcorn kernels. Win!

Find the recipe for easy corn fritters here.

2. Sweet potato and carrot fritters

The beauty of this recipe lies in two things: the lovely contrast of cool avocado with warm fritters; and the fact that it yields enough for the whole family, not just the tots.

Find the recipe for sweet potato and carrot fritters here.

3. Banana fritters with apple spice

Try these easy banana fritters as an option for dessert – yes, it contains a touch of sugar, but it will still be much less than your average bowl of ice cream!

Find the recipe for banana fritters with apple spice here.

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