3 winter lunch ideas for kids

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3 winter lunch ideas for kids

When the weather is this chilly, we’re looking to keep the kids full and warm all at the same time. Here are three great lunch ideas for the kids during winter.

Classic macaroni cheese with bacon

No one can ever resist a creamy mac and cheese, especially when it’s cold outside. This version has the option of adding bacon, but you can leave that out or swap it for sneaky veggies like cauliflower, broccoli or peas. Make a large batch of this early in the week and portion it out for easy reheating.

Get the recipe for classic macaroni and cheese here.

Pineapple BBQ pork meatball sliders

Meatballs will always be a crowd pleaser for kids of all ages. While they’re perfect to eat as is, this recipe is a reminder that meatballs also make a satisfying sandwich filler.

Get the recipe for pineapple BBQ pork meatball sliders here.

Chicken-and-corn pot pies

Chicken pies and winter are a match made in heaven, and this corn-studded version is a great way of getting in extra veggies. To reheat, simply pop in the oven for a few minutes and you’ve got warm bellies in no time.

Get the recipe for chicken-and-corn pot pies here.

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